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If you’re into cars in any way, like the SXdrv crew is, cast your mind back to when you were younger (assuming you’re around the 30-40-year old mark) then there’s a very high probability that you know someone with a Ford Mustang poster on their bedroom or garage wall, if it wasn’t up on your own wall. It’s a car that’s always stood for performance, and it has one of the richest histories of any car lines out there, it’s hands down the most famous Ford ever produced. Classic car collectors have always sought after Mustangs, especially collectors in countries outside of the United States. Many countries were excluded from getting the car because of it being a left hand-drive, and so exposure to the car was limited to some rare models that were privately imported, or to magazines and more recently, online galleries. Then back in 2015 something amazing happened to the Ford Mustang...

Not only did the clever men in white coats completely re-engineer the Ford Mustang from the ground up to create an all-new car, the powers that be who run these projects decided that the then latest Ford Mustang should be available in both left and right hand-drive to make it a truly global sports car. This means that the throngs of Ford fanatics now had the ability to purchase a brand new Ford Mustang is just about any country - legally. As you’d expect this did amazing things to the sales figures of the car. Those countries that were never able to have new models snapped up as many as they could and they were flying off showroom floors in record numbers. Most people know the Ford Mustang to be a performance car and the only one to have was the rumbling V8, but smaller motors were introduces, line an inline six and a 2.3-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder sourced from the Focus RS, and while these options had the Mustang V8 purists all complaining, the sales figures showed that people wanted a Mustang no matter what was powering it. Also, with today’s technology and the aftermarket tuning scene, the 4-cylinder that would usually be shunned was also subjected to mad modifications using big turbos and the like. People were buying Mustangs, all of them.

So in 2015, when all things were tabulated by the clever calculator-operating types, it turned out that the then all-new Ford Mustang was the best-selling sports coupe. Not only in the USA, but in the whole world. Making the Mustang a truly global car paid off and then some. Besides the numbers, it was also time to take the fight to the German offerings who had their flagship BMW M models available in right and left hand-drive configurations for years. Can you imagine how worldwide sales would have been affected if Mustangs were always available? 

So jumping to 2022, and the Ford Mustang has once again taken the title of the best-selling sports coupe, and the most amazing thing about that is that since this new generation 3was launched in 2015, the Ford Mustang has won it every year - it now has a seven-year winning streak. That’s some kind of awesome.
Just in time for the Ford Mustang’s 58th birthday, it was once again crowned as the best-selling sports coupe. This is according to Ford analysis of registration data from S&P Global Mobility. “When enthusiasts around the world get into a Mustang, they unlock that feeling of freedom and experience the open road,” said Kumar Galhotra, president, Ford Blue. “That feeling, along with iconic design, awesome powertrains and a passionate global community all contribute to making Mustang a sales leader for the seventh year in a row.”

The USA represented 76% of global sales while other markets experienced growth in Mustang sales - New Zealand was up 54.3%, Brazil by 37.3%, and even South Korea rose by 16.6%. Even the electric onslaught has been well-received with the Mustang Mach-E having a strong first full-year of sales and also won the North American Utility Vehicle of the Year, Car and Driver’s 2021 EV of the Year, 2021 Wards 10 Best award and a 2022 Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award and was also a finalist for the 2022 World Car of the Year.

Take a look at the YouTube video about the changes to the 2022 Ford Mustang so you can get see what it will probably be the best-selling sports coupe of 2023 too, below: Everything We Know About The 2022 Ford #Mustang So Far | Steeda.

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