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Ford is now selling unfinished SUVs to its customers.

Since the global pandemic hit hard in 2020, thousands of industries got hit hard by a lack in production, shipping and manufacturing and the backlog is still in a catastrophic state. One of the major products in the automotive industry that is still considered a disaster is the lack of chipsets.

There have been numerous reports of customers experiencing delays in receiving their newly purchased vehicles as a result. Many car companies have thousands of brand new cars simply waiting in compounds for the arrival of new chipsets before they can be sent to the dealerships and or customers.

However, Ford has come up with a solution to help customers receive their cars sooner.

Ford has announced that they will be offering their select SUV customers an option to take delivery of their brand new car in a few ways. Ford will offer their customers the option to take delivery of their new SUV without rear heating HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) controls, and front Air Conditioning controls at an undisclosed discount. Or, the Ford SUV customers could opt to take early delivery of their new at the original price with the option of bringing it into the Ford workshop to have the missing HVAC control chipsets fitted as soon as Ford gets stock once again.

Ford has made it clear that the missing chipsets on these select SUVs will not compromise on driving or safety in any way, the customers will only not be able to make use of those 2 features with inside the cabin.

This could be highly beneficial to both the customer and Ford themselves as the customers get to drive and take home their long-awaited SUV, and Ford will free up space at their storage compounds and reduce any possible damage to their brand new fleet of SUVs that are getting exposed to the outside elements months on end.

We can not imagine that anyone would opt to take home their brand new SUV and permanently chose to not have those chipsets installed by Ford at a later stage without the discounted rate being rather substantial. We can only assume that the discount on the entire SUV deal will be at least a sum total of $5,000. Those who value the 2 missing HVAC controls will therefore pay the total purchase price and get the chipsets installed at a later time.

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