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When you mean business regarding an engine swap to unleash more power potential, you would most likely consider something like an LS V8, small block V8, or simply bore some more space in your factory engine to get some more displacement. But, never in our wildest dreams would we have thought of slapping in a Mercedes Benz E63 AMG motor into a classic Ford Mustang!

And that's exactly what the guys over at Anarchy Garage have done. When you open the hood of this 1969 Ford Mustang, you're presented with nothing other than a 2012 Mercedes Benz 5.5 Litre E63 AMG bi-turbocharged motor. It's been tuned by MSL performance and now produces 721bhp and a crazy 1,200 Nm of torque! Judd wheels custom made a set for this exact car according to its one of a kind specifications, and look past the wheels and you'll see a set of AMG brake calipers and high-performance rotors as well.

Step into the interior and you won't find what you'd expect. As a matter of fact, the dashboard, steering wheel, seats and door lining all come straight out of a Mercedes Benz E63 AMG too!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Officially Gassed - OG, on Meet The E63 AMG Powered 721 BHP 1969 Ford Mustang From Hell!

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