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There’s plenty ways to spend your holidays out there. Family people do family-orientated things like picnics and gatherings, loners do loner things like heading into nature to destress and ground themselves, and car people do car people things with their cars. The crew at Koenigsegg spent their Easter Holidays pretty much combining all of the above, as we love them for it.

If you arrive at the Koenigsegg production plant in Ängelholm, Sweden, and you take a trip up North for just over 1100 kilometres, if you have your GPS set right you’ll eventually reach the town of Arjeplog. Serious automotive fans will likely recognise that name thanks to it being a town that’s a well-known spot to see supercars and hypercars, even though it’s quite far from, well, everything. This is because there’s a lake there, Lake Kakel, and when it freezes over in January it becomes the perfect place for cold weather testing. There are even companies that cater exclusively to automakers to set up accommodation and tracks to drive on. Things usually start getting softer around April and so fewer cars are seen out on the lake, no one wants to loose a car into the icy waters below. 
It's the perfect setting for an Easter holiday, and the amazing surrounding nature means Easter egg hunts of epic proportions, Of course the Koenigsegg people know this, which is why they headed north for the weekend to have an little bit of an egg hunt while scaring the surrounding wildlife with 8000 rpm of Koenigsegg Jesko piercing the air. If you want just one simple reason to click play on this video, it’s to hear the 1600hp, twin-turbocharged V8’s soundtrack bouncing off the forest trees. You can even hear super fast shifts from that amazingly quick 9-speed Light Speed Transmission (LST). It’s exactly what you expect the soundtrack from a car that’s gonna relieve your bank account of more than $3 000 000.

Koenigsegg had but a simple message accompanying the video... "The Real King of Ice has arrived! Watch the Jesko blaze through the snow in northern Sweden.

Happy Easter! 👻🥚"

Take a look at the YouTube video of the Koenigsegg Jesko having icy slideways fun while pretending to do something with Easter eggs below: EGGHUNT - Koenigsegg Jesko | Koenigsegg.

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