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In the highly competitive world of the wild YouTuber, creating content is what it’s all about, but to be successful and montised the content needs to be clever, different, entertaining or a combination of all three. There are loads of channels dedicated to trying to create mad scenarios that answer weird questions and blow minds. On the motoring side of YouTube there’s plenty of these guys doing weird and wonderful things to answer silly questions. We recently saw one chap ft Formula 1 tyres to his Caterham, and then a few weeks later he tried the same on his Mazda MX-5. People who know about motoring and Formula 1 and tyres already knew what would happen just by looking at the video title, but guaranteed they still watched because curiosity is like that. They say curiosity killed the cat, but we reckon it’s taken out way more people. In this video from popular channel CboysTV is right up there, we assume the idea was created at 4:20pm one day, because trying to run your car with tyres made of duct tape is pure madness.

Channel main man Ryan Iwerks has a monster of a truck that was built for SEMA, and it rolls on massive 20-inch wheels. On these wheels the tyre profile is usually more like that of a rubber band, and so that meant replacing the tyres with duct tape shouldn’t be too hard to do, and it would also answer that age-old question of whether you can drive on duct tape or not. Ok, there’s probably a handful of people who have thought of this. The same people who use McDonald's serving trays to drift around ion parking lots do doubt. If the SXdrv crew were to attempt something like this, we would 100% do it on a car with no bigger than 15-inch wheels. Firstly it will be a lot easier and a lot quicker to roll-wrap smaller wheels, but it will also save loads of money. In this case, for those massive wheels, the CboysTV crew spent a whopping R63 000 on duct tape. Yes, that’s right, a whole $4 000 on 844 rolls of duct tape!
To be fair, he did wrap the wheels so that they have a rather decent profile, which considering the size and value of the rims, was a good idea. Before this, no one had any idea if the tape would cushion the massive weight of the Ford F-350. Hitting a small bump and bending a wheel would have been a little upsetting. The Ford truck looks like it drove ok, and with the squishiness of the tape there was no shake or rattle, just a smooth drive. The boys not only tried to navigate normal roads, in stereotypical lifted truck owner fashion, the world’s biggest duct tape tyres were tested off road too, and they did a great job. Well the tape did a great job of stocking to the wheels, but traction was what you’d expect - not really there. The police that pitched up were oddly not surprised by what they saw. ‘Murica.

Take a look at the YouTube video where these CBoys chaps spend silly amounts of money to test duct tape as tyre, below: Duct Tape Tires on my Sema Truck | CBoysTV

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