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Now if you’re one of those people who keep up to date with mad builds and cool YouTube content, then you’ve likely seen this Bisimoto Porsche 935 K3V before, it has been around for around two years. But in all that time it’s never made it’s way to Jay Leno’s Garage, and is your amazing build even a build if it hasn’t had the Jay Leno once over? Luckily, even though Jay is a man with fuel running through his veins, he’s not blind to what electric vehicles are capable of these days, he’s a fan of speed and performance. The 935 K3V is powered by a 3-phase AC motor that keeps going (fast) with 32 kWh of battery power, and Bisi ensured a working regenerative brake system was in play too, just like any off the showroom floor electric vehicle. There’s a single speed gearbox, which explains that high RPM limit.

There’s more Porsche tuners around the wrold thabn yo can shake a stick at. Silly saying but you know what it means. In the United States there are countless one, but few are owned/.operated by someone as animated as Bisi Ezerioha, the man behind tuning shop Bisimoto. The man, and his shop, have had quite a few of those mad builds that end up going viral among motoring enthusiasts. The first one that we can recall here at SXdrv is the mom-wagon he modified to be stupidly powerful and fast - the Bisimoto Honda Odyssey van had over 1 000 hp on tap. It’s a minivan. With over 1000 hp. Over and above the mad commuter, there’s been plenty Bisimoto-tuned Porsches that have been seen on the socials, but we reckon the most widely known is what you see here. It’s what Bisi calls his Porsche 935 K3V and it has a very healthy 636 hp available in a motor with a silent 18 200 rpm redline. Yes, that says silent, because the 935 K3V is all-electric.

While Jay has a super keen eye for cars and details, this 80s Porsche has had quite a few changes to the looks that needs explaining. Bisi added a 935 K3 kit that’s a proper wide body, not just basic wide arches, and the tapered nose sees fitment of custom Raven K3V ARC 9ELEVEN DR Design headlights that keep that early 80s flavour alive. Some wide Brixton BM01 wheels fill the arches with 10J fronts and 1.25J rears. It’s a brilliant overall package.

Take a look at the YouTube video about the all-electric conversion in the Bisimoto Porsche 935 K3V at Jay Leno's garage, below: Bisimoto’s Porsche 935 K3V | Jay Leno's Garage.

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