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You know an automaker has faith in its product when they create a purpose-built version for competition use, which is what happened with the Toyota GR Supra. Toyota Gazoo Racing has been building cars like this for both professional and amateur race teams, as well as the odd gentleman racer. The initiative has been going so well that the company recently announced that it’s created a healthy 100 of these racecars to date, which is a pretty decent thing to brag about.  Thanks to worldwide customer support, it's taken the race-spec model around three years since its sales launch in March 2020. These special Supras can be found strewn throughout Europe, North America in August and Japan. Since the launch of the GR Supra GT4, TGR engineers have travelled around the world providing customer support and gathering data directly from racing teams and drivers. The initial GR Supra GT4 was recently followed by the GR Supra GT4 EVO launched last year, allowing the gaining of further knowledge from the teams and drivers, helping heighten its customer motorsports efforts and to bring excitement to more potential customers through motorsports and sports car manufacturing.

The Supra-based, race-spec GR Supra GT4 has done well in the wild, the cars report a combined 625 entries in 317 races worldwide as of the end of 2022. In that time on track, the GR Supra GT4 amassed 79 class victories with 20 outright wins and a whopping 207 podium finishes in GT4 races. The same car won three championships in various countries, including the Super Taikyu Series in Japan. During that time in competition, Toyota Gazoo Racing continually tweaked and improved on the car and its setup and components and relayed that to the rest of the customers using the same car in competition. For 2023, there were a confirmed 27 units of the GR Supra GT4 scheduled to compete in various races in Europe, accompanied by 20 units in North America and 12 in Asia, including Japan. To say it's been a success is an understatement, and so to celebrate the production of 100 units, TGR just launched the limited-edition, commemorative GR Supra GT4 100 Edition, which features an exclusive exterior colour, unique front bodywork, and a badge with a serial number, but only three units will be produced. These cars will clearly end up in the hands of special collectors somewhere in the world, but we’ll be keeping our eye out because we’d love to find footage of one being driven like it was built to be.

Take a look at the YouTube video that details the changes to the Toyota GR Supra GT4, the car built as a race-ready toy at a factory level making it great for both amateur and professional race teams and drivers because without changes it conforms to a bunch of race series rules and it will also be built with some kind of reliability in mind. Absolutely brilliant if you have the means, check out why there are 100 happy owners: Toyota GR Supra GT4 Race Car For The 2023 Season | DPCcars

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