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With Mercedes-AMG deep into celebrating its 55th year of creating fast cars, the automaker has just previewed a highly-exclusive racecar, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 EDITION 55. This is going to have the serious collectors fighting over ownership, not because it’s absolutely amazing and stonkingly fast, but because there will only be a total of FIVE units available. It’s so limited in fact that prospective owners will receive an exclusive IWC time piece engraved with the car’s chassis number, presented in a bespoke Edition 55 - 1 OF 5 box. As fans of fast cars and amazing watches, we’re torn between which we like best, but unless we manage to win the SA, Euro and US lotteries we can only dream of these things being in our possession.

Thanks to the Edition 55 not having FIA homologation, there are different rules and so with the limits gone the 6.3-litre V8 has been tuned by the AMG techs to push out 650 hp, a good 100 hp more than what the regulation power figure sits at. There are a few features that make this limited edition racecar special, like the new Inconel exhaust system, the special finish in Manufaktur Alpine Grey Uni with red accents, bare carbon aero that includes the front and rear diffusers, rear wing and end plates, flicks, louvre, the radiator grille and the side-skirts. An awesome addition is the Affalterbach crest painted on the doors. Inside the Edition 55, the seat embroidery features the anniversary symbol and some plaques stating ‘EDITION 55 – 1 OF 5’ are found on the centre console and carbon seat. Edition 55 also features the latest generation Data Display Unit with a high-res display that shows off the 55-year Anniversary logo when the car is fired up.

Additional awesomeness comes in the form of a bespoke car cover and a matching watch. Well, it’s more than that. A Mercedes-AMG partnership with IWC Schaffhausen resulted in a limited Grade 5 titanium Edition 55 box containing a Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “AMG” that features the car’s corresponding chassis number engraved on the back of the watch. Mercedes-AMG GT3 EDITION 55 has been engraved on the back of the watch and will be delivered to the prospective owner at an IWC Boutique near the buyer’s home. This 5-unit series of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 EDITION 55 is listed at €625 000, (R10 573 291.29) according to a quick Google, and that’s minus VAT and transport and registration costs. That value will likely be more as the demand among collectors is sure to be intense. Even that watch will fetch good money on its own.

Christoph Sagemüller, head of Mercedes-AMG Motorsport: “With the Mercedes-AMG GT3 EDITION 55, we acknowledge the 55-year history of our brand once again this year. It is a reverence to the many unforgettable motorsport moments we have been able to collect in over five decades at the race tracks of this world. We have strictly limited the production of this special edition: there are only five unites, all equipped with high-quality special features and added elements. That makes the Mercedes-AMG GT3 EDITION 55 to a collector’s piece that can hardly be exceeded in terms of exclusivity."

Mercedes-AMG GT3 EDITION 55 quick facts:

Special finish chassis: Anthracite metallic matte

Bosch DDU 11 display with anniversary logo

Seat embroidery with anniversary logo

Seat belts with silver accents

Plaque “EDITION 55 - 1 OF 5“

Visible carbon with matte finish for dashboard, door sills, door covers, air duct, centre console, fuel tank cover

Special finish: MANUFAKTUR Alpine Grey Uni (956)

Performance exhaust made of Inconel without silencer

Optimised engine performance

Painted Affalterbach crest on the doors

Painted rear wing with AMG logo and anniversary logo

Visible carbon with matte finish for front diffuser, rear diffuser, rear wing incl. end plates, flicks, louvre, radiator grille, side skirts

Limited car cover with anniversary logo

Delivery with slick tyres

IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “AMG”

Limited EDITION 55 box with plaque “EDITION 55 - 1 OF 5”

Engraved chassis number

Additional strap

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