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Audi is turning up the heat on its 40th-anniversary celebration with a special edition that's as cool as ice. The Audi RS e-tron GT Ice Race Edition is here to redefine individualisation and add a dash of emotion to Audi's exclusive lineup. This new limited-edition EV sportster takes inspiration from the GP Ice Race in Austria and the Ice Race Concept show car, although it is missing tyres with spikes sticking out of them. That’s a good thing though. Audi transformed the RS e-tron GT into a rather good-looking winter wonder with some pretty sweet visuals. The exterior shimmers in Florett silver metallic and it’s contrasted with a black carbon roof and an eye-catching foil wrap, colour choices used to capture the essence of snow-covered landscapes. The silver and white represent the glistening snow crystals and frozen lakes and the purple accents are inspired by ski goggles of all things. Bernhard Neufeld, Head of Audi exclusive, sums it up, saying, "This new ice race edition underscores the emotional pinnacle of electric mobility at Audi. Our customization gives this electric Gran Turismo a very special personality." The changes to the flagship Audi extend to all areas of the car, too. It’s a comprehensively thought-out theme that’s executed in typical Audi fashion - to perfection.

Inside the Ice Race Edition, there’s Diamond Silver leather upholstery contrasted by black sections and is put together using purple stitching. There’s an Alcantara steering wheel with a Diamond Silver twelve o'clock marker and highlighting accents in the centre console and dashboard with modified RS logos on the floor mats and new exclusive Audi badges to denote the special edition. In the MMI display, a custom background image displays the car’s unique branding and serial number, the first time we’ve seen cool special edition features incorporated into the tech. The ambient lighting can also be set to purple to match the mountain motif and the new stitching. For the exterior, there’s a foil Florett Silver metallic base with clever transparencies that add a three-dimensional touch to the monochrome silver, with contrasting violet accents. To complete the visuals, the brand emblems have been replaced with white ones, and the EV rolls on black 21-inch black wheels to match the  CFRP black roof and window tint. Underneath all of the bespoke visuals, the RS e-tron GT retains the powerful 440 kW of electric power. There have been no enhancements to the powertrain or performance because it doesn’t really need it. The saloon is already capable of a 3.3 second 0-100 km/h shunt. The RS e-tron GT Ice Race Edition is available in an exclusive run of just 99 units for Europe.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing what has to be the coolest version of the supercar-slaying Audi RS e-tron GT we've seen to date. Yeah, all that cool is in the name of the Ice Race Edition, but it really does look impressive. We're not sure any of the intended target market will like it, which is probably why we like its looks so much, coz we're poor and that means we have better taste: The Audi RS e-tron GT ice race edition | An Audi exclusive special | Audi

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