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It’s always interesting to us to see what cars world-class athletes drive. We’re talking about athletes who aren’t already in the automotive world though, with full-time race drivers and those involved in motorsport being exempt, we obviously expect them to have something cool or different. What about runners and cyclists and shotput champions? What kind of cars do they choose? It also depends on the calibre of the athlete in question, of course, someone who’s not yet at the top of their game might not be earning the big money or have the massive sponsors on board to allow them to buy something cool. In the higher echelons of sports, top athletes can make some pretty good money, and when those athletes achieve World Champion status things are on another level. When it comes to the cars that these athletes drive, it will usually depend on what sport they’re involved in. It makes sense that they’d choose a car that suits their sport and lifestyle, and when you’re a World Champion cyclist who competes in cyclocross and road racing, the car you choose will likely be something that will be competent on tarred roads but can be as composed off the beaten path. Cycling World Champion Mathieu van der Poel has been at the top of the game in cyclocross and when he moved over to road racing, he dominated that too. As you can already see from the pics, this World Champion chooses Lamborghini to get him from A to B when he doesn’t feel like a leg workout. A Lamborghini Urus to be exact.

Lamborghini’s latest video, Beyond Speed, focuses on cycling World Champion van der Poel and his daily driver, the stunning Giallo Auge Lamborghini Urus. As a kid, van der Poel was obsessed with his bicycle and rode it as often as possible. This eventually turned into proper dedication to the sport of cycling and cyclocross, which in turn translated into an obsession with performance. “With cyclocross, I became a world champion, I was victorious. I achieved everything I wanted to, and so then I switched to road racing,” says van der Poel. Always a sportsman, committed at the highest level to pushing himself to achieve goals and rewards, cycling fuelled his desire for adrenaline. On two wheels he races the cyclocross tracks and the tarmac roads, and like the Lamborghini Urus, he produces the ultimate performance on every terrain. “Cycling is my life, and the Lamborghini Urus suits my life,” says van der Poel. “It’s my perfect car. It’s about performance but I’ve also allowed myself exclusivity. And because my bicycle goes with me, it’s got the trunk space I need.” He carries on: “Speed is adrenaline. Of course it’s different on a bike to the Lamborghini. Downhill and sprinting on a bicycle is fast and I have to use all my senses and skills for the different environments, and I love that adrenaline rush, but for sure the Urus Super SUV delivers that too. It’s fast and the way it deals with every challenge and surface is in a different league.  The engine is so special, and there’s lots of other features in the car which I love. But it’s more than that: Lamborghini is Italian and has passion and it shows in the Lamborghini Urus.”

Take a look at the YouTube video created by Lamborghini to pretty much show what kind of people the Lamborghini Urus appeals to. Some of these owners haven't just bought the Urus as a statement and to show off how much money they have, they actually chose the Lamborghini SUV because it compliments their lifestyle properly and is more utilitarian than showpiece: Beyond Speed: the power of adrenaline for Mathieu van der Poel | Lamborghini

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