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It seems that in classic car circles, a white Lamborghini Countach is quite popular right now. This is thanks to the two recent auction announcements that would see a pair of 25th-anniversary edition Lamborghini Countach models from the Hollywood blockbuster The Wolf of Wall Street go under the hammer. While movie star cars heading to auction isn’t a new thing, the main reason these cars ended up as viral content across the world’s automotive websites and YouTube channels is because of the condition of the cars, and the amount of money the cars were estimated to bring in. In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio played the character of Jordan Belfort, a hard-partying millionaire whose material possessions were pretty much disposable even though they were ridiculously expensive. In one scene, the chao was rushing his nuts off, but he still insisted on driving and so he pretty much wrecked his white limited edition Lamborghini Countach. Director Martin Scorsese wanted things to look legit, and so he had an actual car crashed for authenticity’s sake. The crash damage wasn’t bad enough, so the crew used hammers and rammed it with another car to make it more of a wreck. The result was a non-working car that was considered an art piece, and this thing was tipped to sell for good money, and it did. It fetched more money than any other Countach, ever, when it raked in a stupendous $1,350,000. The second working car in mint condition is headed to auction this December and it too is expected to pull in decent money, between $1,500,000 and $2,000,000. It looked like we mere mortals wouldn’t ever be able to have a cool thing to commemorate the movie, but thanks to LEGO, there is an opportunity.

While it’s not listed with any reference to the movie, LEGO actually has a white Lamborghini Countach for sale as part of the Fast & Elegant collection under the Speed Champions range of models. It’s even in that weird US spec with that horrid front bumper. It’s one of the smaller builds from LEGO, with just 262 pieces in the kit and measures 26 cm in length, 14 cm in width and is 7.1 cm high. It’s rated for kids 8 years old and up, which means it’ll be popular with dads and anyone old enough to watch the movie. It’s quite detailed considering the size and even comes with a driver. The little Lamborghini Countach model also comes with a 2-seat open cockpit and lots of authentic detailing. Unlike the movie cars that are in a white-on-white spec, this ‘lil thing has bloody guts - a red interior. It’s not a bad thing, and if you’re a stickler for the details, a teeny tub of white modelling paint will have the car up to spec in no time. If we ordered one of these LEGO Speed Champions kits, we’d give it the white interior for sure, and we’d also customise the little driver guy to be wearing the same clothes that DiCaprio wore in that iconic scene when he crawls to the Lamborghini for his short but carnage-filled drive home. Details man, details. Instead of shelling out bazillions of Rands for one, you can grab one from local LEGO reseller, GreatYellowBrick for a mere pittance, just R409, excluding delivery. If anyone out there buys one, please make a diorama with the scene that we mentioned above, it’ll be an awesome display piece. 

Take a look at the YouTube video from LEGO experts Brick Builder as they take you through the build process of this Lamborghini Countach build and rate the quality of it all - which looks to be pretty cool. If these guys rate it highly, it means it will be an awesome addition to a collection, or even a great start to one: LEGO Speed Champions 76908 Lamborghini Countach Speed Build for Collectors - Brick Builder | Brick Builder

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