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With 1200hp under the hood, could this be the world's fastest Audi RS3? We look to the Hoonigans to find out.

When the Hoonigans decide on a road trip to Vegas in their Oldsmobile Land Yacht, you know it will be a disastrous affair. Even when they leave on time, they still end up five hours late. This time, it's no different. If you've seen this car before, you'll know this enormous classic is temperamental and doesn't like to keep its essential liquids onboard, it prefers to leak them all over the place and then grind to a halt.

The reason for their trip to Vegas, though, is to see a car that does the opposite. In fact, the Audi RS3 in question is rather well behaved. Until you squeeze the accelerator.

Once in Vegas, the Hoonigan boys pop in at Iroz Motorsport, friends who build custom Audi's. Their parking lot alone is full of the Germans, from old-school beasts like the infamous Group B rally Quattro to modern-day TT's and R8's. The star of the show, however, is their own Audi RS3 that pumps out a whopping 1200hp and managed a record quarter-mile time of 8:58-seconds at 166mph.

The most surprising thing about this sedan is that, besides the mechanical upgrades, it's almost stock. And, when we say stock, we mean that its interior is still full of factory fittings, with things like a working aircon, sound system and stock steering wheel, plus other creature comforts like sound-deadening.

On the exterior, it's only the custom wheels and tyres that give it away, even under the hood, things are still conservative, with just a 5-inch intake pipe that suggests there's something more to this monster. This is a sleeper note!

There's even an appearance by the grandpa, an Audi 80 that crackles and pops before launching like an animal, doing donuts and burnouts with just a turbo... Click play on the video below to find out what we're on about.

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