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It's almost every petrolhead's dream to work on a project car, but there are loads of excuses of why not to. Zac, from Donut's Money Pit, gives us the rundown on the Beginner's Guide series to getting started on a project car.

We ogle the cars on display at car meets, revel in their customisation and are envious that we don't have our own... but what is stopping us? Well, maybe we don't know how to wrench or don't have the tools or, more likely, we don't have the bucks.

Or so we believe.

Donut's Zac Jobe takes us on a trip through the pitfalls and highlights the pros of working on your own cabbie. In the video, he delivers his first Beginner's Guide to having a project car, the requirements, what you'll learn and what cars to look at to get you started.

This is Money Pit's Beginner's Guide, which will see Zac working on his very own 1994 Mazda Miata in a step-by-step guide to the fundamental principals of how cars work and why you should start your very own project. We look forward to following along, and so should you!

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