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69 is a good number for a lot of things and in this particular case, it's also the year in which this orange beauty, "The Judge" was born.

One of the great muscle cars of the 60's was without a doubt the Pontiac GTO, which was first launched in 1964. This maginificent orange example was the most special model released though. In glorious 1969, a new model called the "Judge" was introduced. The name came from a comedy routine, "Here Come de Judge", used repeatedly on the Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In TV show. The Judge routine, made popular by legendary showman Sammy Davis, Jr., was borrowed from the act of long-time burlesque entertainer Dewey "Pigmeat" Markham. Advertisements used slogans like "All rise for the Judge" and "The Judge can be bought". The "Judge" package was $332 more expensive than a standard GTO, and included the Ram Air III engine, Rally II wheels without trim rings, Hurst shifter (with a unique T-shaped handle), wider tires, various decals, and a rear spoiler. Pontiac claimed that the spoiler had some functional effect at higher speeds, producing a small but measurable downforce, but it was of little value at legal speeds. The Judge was initially offered only in "carousel red", but midway into the model year a variety of other colors became available, like this punchy orange colour.

This car is not just for show, but can also throw a punch, with it's 6.6L or in American terms, 400 cubic inch V8 motor, producing 370HP and 445Nm of torque, enough to smoke up the rear tyres on demand. The car makes use of a 3-speed automatic gearbox making it a real easy drive. The stock wheels on the car has been replaced with an awesome looking set of 5 spoke US-Mags wheels, that definitely makes the car look more badass. Other than the wheels the only other change on the car was the Skull gearknob, and let's face it, that's all that's needed, because in all other aspects this beast is pretty damn good as is.

If you want a weekend bruiser cruiser with some street cred, and certified badass-ness, this is definitely the one to get!


Car Specs

Model: 1969 Pontiac GTO ''The Judge"
Power: 370HP
Interior: Skull gearknob
Wheels: 5 spoke US-Mags wheels





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