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This man lost his thumb due to this Mercedes Benz feature and is now planning on suing the German auto company.

Newer vehicles from Mercedes Benz come standard with the soft-close door feature that allows you to gently close the door to the point where it is nearly fully shut, then the car will automatically do the rest by ensuring the door is closed fully.

A man by the name of Richard J. Kastigar Jr. has a terrible experience when his thumb got in the way of the door of his Mercedes Benz GLE 450 just as the soft-close feature kicked in and crushed his thumb to the point where medical surgeons had no other option but to amputate it.

Richard J. Kastigar feels as if Mercedes could have done a lot more to ensure that customers would be safe at all costs when implementing the new soft-close feature and is taking Mercedes Benz to court over his experience.

There are many ways to look at this situation and both sides have valid points to use in court as anyone could cause serious injury to their hands due to a door regardless of whether or not the car has a soft-close feature, however, on the other hand, any auto feature such as the soft-close door feature could have been made to detect any obstruction and make the new systems as safe as possible before the release of the vehicle.

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