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Check out these mods that instantly make your car better!

Modding your car is what most of us here at SXdrv live for. But mods that make your car "better" is quite a subjective thing, it all depends on the purpose and intentions you have for your car. Nevertheless, you can take a lot away from these mods in the list below:

Here are some mods that instantly make your car better:

  • Performance Tyres – There is no point to having huge power and no grip, a good set of performance tyres will aid in performance and safety.
  • A Good Tune – Many tunes for your car will require some hardware as well, such as a high-flow air intake system and perhaps an exhaust, this together with a tune, will bump up your power!
  • Test Pipe – A test pipe is essentially a free flow replacement for your catalytic converter, which is quite restrictive, chuck it and gain!
  • High Flow Air Filter – Imagine running a race with a blocked nose, that will suck! Replacing your air filter with a high flow replacement will ensure your car gets sufficient air intake, and be sure to install it in a way that your engine sucks in cold air and not hot!
  • Lightweight Wheels – Wheels get expensive very quickly, but they are the only thing putting your vehicle's power to the ground, don't go cheap! A lightweight set of wheels will also increase your acceleration and overall weight reduction.

Always be sure to do your research and consult a qualified mechanic, and check your local car laws before installing any modifications.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Fitment Industries, on Mods That Instantly Make Your Car Better.

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