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The original Need For Speed Most Wanted was released in two versions, the regular one, and the Black Edition, but what was so special about the Black Edition and was it worth getting?

To this day, Need For Speed Most Wanted (The original 2005 edition) is considered one of the all-time best and most successful Need For Speed games. After Need For Speed Underground and Underground 2 which took the racing video games by storm as it offered practically unlimited car customisation possibilities and performance modifications. But Need For Speed Most Wanted was on another level. Not only were the customisation possibilities mind-blowing, but you could once again purchase supercars such as Lamborghini's in a Need For Speed game. The physics were largely improved as well as the graphics.

EA Games released a special edition of Need For Speed Most Wanted that they called Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition that featured more cars, customisations and special challenges and a bonus behind the scenes DVD of the making of Need For Speed Most Wanted. Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition was a special edition to celebrate 10 years of the racing game franchise.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Fueled With Boost on Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition vs Regular - Collectors Edition, Was It Worth Getting It?

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