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There are Lamborghini's and then there are Reconstructed Lamborghini's.

It was time to push boundaries and organise a car that is completely unique. This time, Reconstructed, a bike and automotive custom shop in Centurion South Africa, came to our rescue. "How does a one-of-a-kind Satin Back Lamborghini Huracan sound?" well, our jaws dropped! ... to say the least.

Blacking out your car might sound like a bit of a cliché, but Reconstructed did a fantastic job. It doesn't only work principally because it's a Lamborghini, but this satin black wrap is just breathtaking!

With that said, we had some questions for Reconstructed themselves:

Q: So what is the year model:

A: It's a 2016 Lamborghini Huracan LP610

Q: Tell us a bit about the modifications you guys have done?

A: There's a few, we'll list them quickly:
Custom Exhaust System
Custom Carbon Fibre Rear Wing
Blackout painted Wheels
Full Xpel paint protection kit
Full 3M Wrap inside and out
Full Ceramic Body Vinyl protection coating
Ceramic coated black calipers and Exhaust tips with gloss black detail
Complete custom blackout of all other parts and components

Q: What was the idea behind the Satin Black?

A: The idea behind the Satin Black is that EVERYTHING is black... completely blacked out. We all know, it just looks soooo much better in black. It must spell “F@*#k You” when one sees it coming down the road. The idea was to get it matt black but not with a grey hue as the matt black tends to look in direct sunlight. The satin looks matt but it is black black, it doesn't matter about the type of light or the angle the light falls on the car.
So Satin Black it was.

Q: Is there any history behind the car?

A: No history behind the car. Other than it was ALMOST the right colour – Kawasaki green...😉 (Yes, I am a fan and I think if you own this, you need an H2R to keep it company!)

Q: Tell us how it is to drive, and what sort of reactions do you get when driving it?

A: Look, driving the Huracan is nothing short of amazing. I own a Nissan GTR myself and have had the privilege in my line of work to drive a lot of high-end cars. To me, the mighty Godzilla has always been my favourite. Until Lamborghini launched the Huracan... It is hands down the sexiest car on the road in my books!

And it ticks all the right boxes too. Looks (most importantly), performance, handling, style and goals or (Desire / NV). You know you have made it when you drive a Lambo, but this... It is completely different to the Gallardo or even the Aventador, it just feels right. Not too overpriced but yet it feels like you can park or drive next to any other Supercar on the road.

Driving THIS particular one feels even better... Not the performance or handling, but just the mere idea of knowing what you are driving and what it looks like on the road will get anyone going. If you like attention, better start hustling and buy yourself one because you can't get MUCH better than this!

Q: Excellent! What sort of figures are we looking at in terms of kW and Nm?

A: We're looking at 449kW and 560Nm standard and then add an extra 15kW and 21Nm with exhaust.

Q: Are there any changes/mods planned for the future?

A: No set plans for this particular one in the NEAR future yet but I will definitely not mind doing a twin turbo kit on this monster. I will be working on that pitch...😉 Regardless of, If I ever have the privilege to own one, that will be the first thing I do. After it has been blacked out of course!

Q: What do you think of our model, Maya Mia, that we used to shoot with the Huracan?

She was actually perfect for this shoot. Her looks and her personality fits exactly with this car. She is like the human version of the Huracan... Go follow her Instagram pages, then you will see what I mean. No need to say more.

Check out more incredible footage from the Reconstructed Lamborghini Huracan here, and don't forget to leave us a comment below.

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