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Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda recalls trying to save James Hunt's life after he retired from Formula 1.

Formula 1 rivals and close friends, Niki Lauda and James hunt were, without a doubt, legends in the history of Formula 1.

After James Hunt won his one and only World Championship in 1976, by just one point over Lauda, he retired from the motorsport completely.

Usually, when a Formula 1 world champion retires, they take some time off, relax and enjoy their earnings. However, James Hunt found himself in a situation where he invested his earnings in a company that inevitably failed, and he ended up completely broke. He was still in contact with Niki Lauda after his retirement, and Lauda recalls helping Hunt out financially on several occasions. Lauda also explains how he convinced Hunt to stop abusing alcohol and excessive smoking, as Lauda explained, "Or else you'll die, James".

Niki Lauda explains his relief when James Hunt sobered up and got a full-time job over the next few years, but was devastated to learn of Hunt's fatal heart attack.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Graham Bensinger, on Niki Lauda Recalls Trying To Save James Hunt's Life After His Career In Formula 1.

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