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Porsche is about to expand the model line-up of its all-electric Taycan to now include the Taycan Turbo GT and the Taycan Turbo GT outfitted with a Weissach performance package, which every Porsche owner knows is the best specification you can get, for good reason. The package gives the EV more of a track focus by shaving down weight and chucking the rear seats. While the car is yet to be released to the public, the Porsche R&D chaps have been hard at work putting a Weissach-equipped Taycan Turbo S through its paces so that they have all the data and relevant facts to prove why the option will be worth the money, which is a fair bit, even in the world of expensive cars. As part of the development, the Taycan Turbo GT Weissach was unleashed on various racetracks, one of which being the iconic Laguna Seca Raceway in California. Everyone knew it would be fast because the pre-production version of the car clinched an EV record at Nürburgring, shaving 26 seconds off the time set in August 2022 with a posted lap time of 7:07.55 - in both instances it was Porsche development driver Lars Kern. Going from Europe to the US of A, the Taycan Turbo GT Weissach earned itself the title of the fastest electric series-production car at the Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca when Kern once again gave it his all and put in a faster lap than any other driver has before with a road-approved electric car, stopping the clock at an amazing 1:27.87min on the 1,602 km long track, famed for the hard to navigate corkscrew section. “The track at Laguna Seca pushes the Taycan Turbo GT to the limit. It’s the overall package that makes the difference,” says Kern. “The Turbo GT with Weissach package sets new standards in almost every metric. These include acceleration and braking, an Attack Mode that’s intuitive to use and a powertrain designed for maximum traction and performance. And the cornering grip levels are just as impressive. The controllability and light-footedness are unbelievable. The tyres work very well and you have the right balance in every driving situation. It is incredibly good fun to drive this car around the undulating track at Laguna Seca.”

The Taycan Turbo GT can reach the benchmark 100 km/h speed in a mere 2.3 seconds, and when the Weissach package is in play, that drops to 2.2 seconds. When the benchmark extends to 200 km/h, the Turbo GT gets there in 6.6 seconds and that drops to 6.4 seconds with the performance making it up to 1.3 seconds quicker than the Taycan Turbo S. It’s expected with up to 815 kW and 1,340 Nm of instantaneous electric power available. The regular Taycan Turbo GT has a top speed of 290 km/h, but with the Weissach package, that jumps to 305 km/h. Also under the Weissach package, the Taycan Turbo S benefits from an enhanced powertrain with a new rear-axle motor, improved transmission ratios, and a 75 kg weight saving with a host of carbon parts, full bucket seats made of CFRP, a lightweight luggage compartment and the omission of the electric soft-closing function of the tailgate, 21-inch lightweight forged wheels, and lightweight ceramic brakes. There’s a rear spoiler with a flap and a front spoiler with aeroblades specifically for the Taycan Turbo GT. “The two records in Laguna Seca and on the Nordschleife show what great track potential there is in the Taycan,” says Model Line Vice President Kevin Giek. “To prove your mettle on the track, it’s not enough to simply have as much power as possible. The overall package of accelerating and braking, cornering grip, aerodynamics, stability and fine-tuning has to be right. In the Taycan Turbo GT and the Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach package in particular, our engineers have achieved this in absolutely stunning fashion. They have already done a great job with the recently updated existing Taycan models. But our new GT cars yet again clearly raise the bar even higher in terms of driving dynamics.”

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off just how fast the full-electric Porsche Cayman Turbo GT is as it sets a new lap record at the iconic Laguna Seca Raceway in California. It's not only a ridiculously fast time for an EV, it's a fast time overall - and then some. The only way we can fault the Taycan is with that stupid choice to have Turbo in the name: Ready for takeoff. The Taycan Turbo GT sets a record at Laguna Seca Raceway | Porsche

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