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A DriveTribe Interview with Jeremy Clarkson's daughter, Emily Clarkson, reveals what it's like being brought up with Top Gear and the legendary Jeremy Clarkson as a dad.

A brief glimpse at the answers in the DriveTribe Q&A, Emily Clarkson makes a living by being a fulltime blogger, writer and Instagram influencer. Instagram is her favourite social media platform as it's the easiest platform to overshare on – and she really posts a lot! At over 67,000 followers, it seems to be working for her!

Emily Clarkson goes on to talk about what her first car, a Ford Fiesta, which must have left a lot of Top Gear fans quite shocked – the daughter of the most famous automotive journalist in the world has a Ford Fiesta? But honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. Her current car? Also a Forst Fiesta, but this time it is the mighty Fiesta ST, the big brother of her first car, as she calls it. Also, the fastest car she has driven is also her Ford Fiesta ST! Possibly not the fastest car she has been in though... without a doubt she hitched a ride with one or two of the cars her dad had brought home while testing.

She has actually driven a Masserati, but she was driving it in France at the time, on the other side of the road and sitting in the wrong side of the car, and was not pushing it to fully experience it. A great question DriveTribe asked, was if her father influences her car choices, and the answer was "Yes, I have the worlds best encyclopedia as a contact on my phone, which is a very useful contact to have", which is most definitely true!

Take a look at the video below by DriveTribe interviewing Jeremy Clarkson's daughter Emily Clarkson down below.

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