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Doing things for a good cause is always noble, especially when it involves cars. This time, it's a restoring a 1983 Foxbody Mustang for a Make A Wish Foundation recipient.

Justin from American Muscle tells us, "A young man named Matt recently went through a heart transplant at the young age of 17," and the lovely people at the Make A Wish Foundation got in touch with them to help.

Matt received this hand-me-down Foxbody from his grandmother, and the goal for Justin and his team was to restore and modify the car for him.

First things first, removing the old and rusty engine and stripping the car for a respray. They then replace almost everything including the engine, gearbox and suspension. Importantly, they add cross-members and reinforcements to cope with the extra power from the motor.

Other swapped parts include the rear axle, front a-arms, driveshaft and exhaust. The inside also received a complete overhaul, literally, and it got a new soft-top.

This is an excellent build for a fantastic cause. This video deserves a huge thumbs-up.


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