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Wow. Over the past week, car news has been making headlines on a daily bases all thanks to the automotive participants at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, we have seen some cars that will be on the roads within a couple of short months, to ambitious concept cars who's technology will absolutely blow you away. Take this one for example, it's an all-electric hypercar – which sounds like a bit of a contradiction in its naming, but you'll be surprised as to what electric cars can do nowadays... or, should I rather say, will do.

A few months ago, Rimac teased us with details of a second supercar and, at the Geneva motor show 2018, it finally took the wraps off their latest creation. It is called the C_Two – not the Rimac Concept Two as we were expecting. The new hypercar is fast, ridiculous and apparently autonomous, too. Personally, I don't know how fully autonomous cars can drive on the roads of today legally yet, but nevertheless, I guess it has to be embraced with fully wide open arms. Hey, it's going to come sooner or later.

So, what are the specs?

At most motors shows, engine figures seem to become meaningless, and that’s probably thanks to cars like the Rimac C_Two. According to the electric vehicle maker, the C_Two’s four electric motors can develop a total of 1 407kw and around 2 302.28Nm of torque. Like we said, these numbers are almost meaningless now, but keep in mind, even if it was half those figures, it will be loads quicker than 95% of cars on the road today.

As for getting that power on the road? The C_Two uses a single-speed transmission to put the power down from the front wheels, while the rear wheels have their own dedicated two-speed gearbox. So what are the results? A theoretical top speed of 415km/h, and a 0-100km/h dash time of just 1.97 seconds. If you need it, and it’s unlikely you will, the Rimac can also go from standing to 200km/h in just 4.8 seconds. With those figures, the Rimac C_Two may end up being one of the fastest cars, not to mention electric, vehicles (insert Clarkson voice here) – in the world.

Self-driving hypercars?

However, the Rimac also has eight cameras, a lidar, six radars, and twelve ultrasonic sensors stuffed into its 1 950kg chassis. What’s that doing in a hypercar you ask? Well, it’s making the Rimac C_Two ready for Level 4 autonomy, not something you’d usually expect in a supercar.

What do you think? Let us have your comments below.

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