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You always get two types of Need For Speed gamers; those who just want to have fun, mod cars and race, and those who really want to progress in the game's storyline.

But, in doing so, it can be quite challenging and frustrating at times!

Here are some tips to help you dominate in Need For Speed Heat:

  • Running low on cash? Head over to your garage and sell your extra cars (all your performance upgrades won't be lost, you keep those, however, all visual mods will be lost).

  • After you upgrade an engine on one of your rides, it's easy to forget what exact engine you had previously installed. To check out which type of engine you currently have installed, click on "swap engine", and the first engine in the list is the one you currently have.

  • Although NFS Heat has online gameplay, pausing in solo mode won't just pause you, it will freeze everything in the game, you can use this to your advantage.

  • Want to get back to the safe house? Two efficient ways of doing this are to jump to the safe house (instantly arrive) but that is only available in specific scenarios, like if you don't have any cops chasing you. If you do, you can use the "Quick Nav" menu to easily navigate you there.

  • The cop presence is far heavier on your navigation route than if you try evading the cops without navigation. Taking time to learn the map could save you from getting busted.

  • Didn't know you could bribe cops? If you are not in the mood to escape a huge and unpredictable cop chase, then simply bribe the cop – provided you're on a relatively low heat level and have some spare cash.

  • Cops don't chase you if you have no heat on you. Be careful to not draw too much attention to yourself during this time.

  • Want to screengrab an epic moment? Like previous versions of NFS, Need For Speed Heat has an incredible photo mode that instantly pauses the game while you take the perfect snap of your ride. And, like you would do on Instagram, the NSF Heat photo mode even allows you to edit your pics.

  • Want to restart a race at night time? A lot of people say that they are unable to do this. Well, the reality is that it's possible (kind of). All you have to do is either restart before the cops chase you, or don't attract too much attention so the cops don't chase you at all. Lastly, you can restart regardless of how many cops are chasing you, provided you hit restart before you cross over the finish line.

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