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After taking the record for a 1/4-mile run in 2019 for a stick-shift GM drag car, Cleetus McFarland wanted to crack into the seven-second mark. Can he do it?

Some of you may have seen Leroy, the stripped-out, twin-turbo beast of a racing car that belongs to Cleetus McFarland. This stick-shift GM has featured on various YouTube channels doing all things, from racing to drifting and, obviously, drag racing.

In the video, we join Cleetus after months of touring with the car, as he takes us on the journey to clocking a seven-odd second run down the blacktop. The car is a beast and is completely stripped of everything non-essential, including its body panels.

It's a story of overcoming challenges, heartache, hard work and optimism. Click on the play button below and join Leroy and Cleetus on their trip to glory.

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