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What would the reactions be from taking the NFS Most Wanted BMW M3 GTR to a car meet.

In 2005, a new car game got released that changed the way car enthusiasts saw gaming as a whole. And that was, of course, Need For Speed Most Wanted. Furthermore, this was the first modern Need For Speed game to feature a BMW E46 M3, as well as bring back supercars like the Lamborghini Murcielago, which was a complete game-changer.

Besides the improved graphics and physics of the game, it also brought back cops to Need For Speed from the Hot Pursuit days. Need For Speed Most Wanted also paid a lot more attention to car modification, although it was as diverse as the previous NFS: Need For Speed Underground 2, it was far more realistic. This opened up a world of possibilities in real life for the car community, people could actually build a replica in real life based off a car in the came, which is exactly what YouTuber, Andre Klebleyev, did with his BMW E46 M3.

Andre's M3 was built to be an exact replica of the cover car of Need For Speed Most Wanted, and he decided to see what reactions he would get from taking it to a car meet in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Take a look at the video below on Andre Klebleyev's YouTube channel titled What Is It Like Taking The NFS M3 GTR To A Car Meet.

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