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If you’re into supercars and hypers and the like, you’ll no doubt be one of those people who will answer motoring trivia questions instantly, and you’ll probably know all about the logo the company uses on all its cars. To gain valuable trivia knowledge, read on. The well-known ghost logo used by Swedish niche automaker Koenigsegg has an interesting origin story that ties back to the location of their factory and its history. The logo actually originates from the Swedish Air Force's Ghost Squadron. Koenigsegg's factory is situated at an ex-military airbase in Ängelholm, Sweden, which was formerly home to the F10 wing of the Swedish Air Force. The F10 wing, also known as the "Ghost Squadron," operated from this base from 1945 until its decommissioning in 2002. The squadron's emblem was a ghost, a symbol chosen to represent their stealth and prowess in aerial combat. When Koenigsegg acquired the airbase for their manufacturing facility, they adopted the ghost emblem as a nod to the history and heritage of the location. The ghost logo symbolizes the company's commitment to high performance, precision, and innovative spirit. It also represents a connection to the aeronautical history of the site, reflecting Koenigsegg's focus on advanced technology and engineering excellence. In essence, the ghost logo pays homage to the legacy of the Ghost Squadron and serves as a unique identifier for Koenigsegg, signifying their dedication to creating high-performance supercars with cutting-edge technology and a nod to the history of their home. It’s also pretty cool to use on all sorts of products and marketing materials, especially cool Koenigsegg merchandise. And car care products. This new range of car care products was named after the logo, and so it goes under the name of Ghost Gleam. The products are to be used exclusively in the preparation of Koenigseggs in its Gripen atelier and by Koenigsegg representatives around the world.

“We have exceptionally exacting standards at Koenigsegg. Given this, we only recommend using proven, top-quality treatments that are safe for the materials we use. That is what we have developed with Ghost Gleam. The products are a joy to use, environmentally benign and the finish is showroom-level amazing!” says Christian von Koenigsegg, founder and CEO of Koenigsegg Automotive.

Ghost Gleam is a collaboration between Koenigsegg and Tershine, a Swedish company that develops world-leading vehicle rinse and detailing products. Every Ghost Gleam formulation is unique to the Ghost Gleam range and has been use-tested for suitability on Koenigsegg’s full range of surface materials. It is safe for use on Alcantara, KNC carbon fibre, painted surfaces, ceramic brake discs, aluminium, rubber seals, etc. The product formulations, colours, and scents were developed by Koenigsegg in collaboration with Tershine and are unique to Ghost Gleam. The practical, ergonomic and striking bottle is a bespoke design from Sebastian von Koenigsegg and is protected by Koenigsegg. Importantly, all Ghost Gleam products are formulated to be safe for both the environment and the user. Every product is 100% free from PFAS and volatile organic compounds and is biodegradable.

The Ghost Gleam product range comprises:

EMBRACE – A deep-washing shampoo with high lubrication and foaming properties, and an impeccable high-gloss finish. Safe for all surfaces, including matte finish paints.

PITSTOP – Imagine you have washed your car on Saturday, and it picks up some road grime as you drive to your local show on Sunday. Pitstop is then the rapid detailer you need. A quick wash that sprays on and wipes off, leaving an amazing high-gloss finish.


LUCID - Our premium, streak-free glass cleaner. 

INSIDER – A plant-based interior cleaner that lifts dirt, freshens and is safe to use on all interior surface types – carbon fibre, Alcantara, leather, aluminium, carpet, etc.

BRILLIANCE – A ceramic coating/spray wax that is beyond anything you have used before. This ceramic spray has an extremely high gloss and includes fine filling properties for minor scratches. Brilliance dries instantly, leaving an amazing shine with a repellent coating that will last several months. 

RESOLVE – A powerful alkaline degreaser that removes organic contaminants with ease. The first step of your deep cleaning routine.


REVOLVE – Not all wheel cleaners work in all situations. Revolve, our alkaline wheel cleaner, is specially developed for use on ceramic brakes.

SUMMIT – Perfect for the washes you do between deep-clean washes, Summit is a snow foam that is gentle on existing paint protection and maintains your outstanding shine.

Take a look at the YouTube video that does nothing to help explain the full Koenigsegg range of car care products, but it does explain why the products bear the iconic Koenigsegg Ghost logo: What is the Koenigsegg Ghost Logo? | Cars and Culture with Jason Stein

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