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The Ferrari F12 is one of the Ferraris that doesn’t quite make our nether regions tingle. I mean yeah, it’s a Ferrari, but not all are equal. It has odd dimensions, and that long sloping bonnet doesn’t really match the rest of the design, but there wasn’t really much of a choice because it needed that extra length to properly house a monstrous V12 powerplant. We’re probably not the target market, but it’s likely Ferrari’s own fault that we don’t like it because around the same time, the automaker also released the Ferrari 458 Italia and it has to be one of the most amazing modern Ferraris there is. Parked alongside an F12 it’s no contest. One company, Touring Superleggera, decided that they could improve on the F12 and undertook an ambitious coachbuilding project that saw extensive changes carried out on the bodywork that turned the car from “that long bonnet Ferrari” into a work of art. As is the norm with things like this, the production run was limited to just 15 examples, and the car that wears the No.2 badge is now heading to an upcoming Bonham’s auction where it is expected to pull in some decent bids. Touring Superleggera has created some special cars over the years that pay homage to the streamlined cars of the 1930s and 40s. The company is known for its coachbuilt Alfa Romeo cars, but for this project, there wasn’t a new Alfa Romeo available suited to the plans and that’s when the Ferrari F12 was chosen. The car ticked all the right boxes - a long bonnet, a teardrop cabin and short tail proportions like that of a classic front engine/rear drive GT car. Having a sizeable 6.3 litre V12 added to the appeal. According to Touring Superleggera: "The teardrop – nature's most naturally efficient shape – has been the guiding influence where high speed is important, while the wing profile has been incorporated to provide ground-hugging stability." The example you see here was built in 2020 and has covered less than 12,000 km in its life.

The AERO 3 was made to order, with production limited to no more than 15 examples. "The AERO 3 is our most up-to-date interpretation of Touring's streamlined style originating in the 1930s," said Touring's head of design Louis de Fabribeckers. "It's lightweight like all Superleggera cars and it is aerodynamic, but it is also very beautiful and beauty is just as important to us. The AERO 3 represents the most up-to-date interpretation of Touring's streamlined style originating in the 1930s. The most prominent design element is the teardrop shape, which defines the purity of the body as a whole. AERO 3 is the third streamliner model in Touring's recent lineup, after the highly successful Disco Volante and Disco Volante Spyder. But while the general design theme originated with the Disco Volante range, the overall shape and construction of AERO 3 is new." The body is constructed of vacuum-formed pre-preg carbon fibre, and the substructure is laser-cut from various aluminium alloys and the changes take at least 5,000 man-hours to carry out. The result of the extensive work shaved a healthy 182kg of weight, which means the 545 kW and 690 Nm F12 give better performance specs, not that we’ll ever see one of these ripping up a racetrack on a weekend track day. The biggest and most noticeable addition is the centre tail fin and rear end, but everything has been changed from the OEM F12’s lines to create a completely different car. Those who have never heard of the work carried out by Touring Superleggera would be hard-pressed to identify that there’s an F12 under the skin. The bespoke matching luggage is a nice addition and comes with the sale. On that note, when the car hits the auction block it’s estimated that it will fetch between €600,000 - €900,000, which is roughly R18,500,000 when converted.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the rather impressive detailing on this special limited edition coachbuilt slice of awesomeness based on the V12 Ferrari F12 - incidentally, the car in the video is 2/15 and that's the exact same car that's up for sale: Touring Superleggera AERO3 (n°2 of 15) Teaser - Ginion Group | seeMG Studio

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