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Kindig It Design has been in the modifying game for a while now, and automotive enthusiasts around the world are better off for it. Owner Dave Kindig and his crew really are masters of their craft, when you see them in action they make the hardest tasks look easy. That only happens when you know what you’re doing. You should have heard about these guys and their custom builds by now, they’ve had their own reality show for just over ten years now, aired on platforms like MotorTrend+, Apple TV and Prime Video. Season 10 is currently being aired and the last two episodes from the end of October are focused on the car you see here. This full custom build on a 1970 Dodge Challenger was a commission from actor/comedian Kevin Hart to add to his already impressive collection of custom cars. Looking at the base for the project you’d never expect it to end up at this world-class level, but that’s just the Kindig way. If you can, you really have to see the episodes showing the build. There is literally nothing that these guys cannot do, from the design of intricate details and changes to the body to make things work, to the custom-fabricated metalwork, to the perfectly applied paint. It’s awesome to see a workshop that doesn’t know the meaning of taking shortcuts. Metal damaged? No problem, they just remake it in a better quality than the original. The show makes the build look easy, but without the magic of editing, it was actually a massive undertaking that took up some serious man-hours, around two years in total. At this high level of craftsmanship, the build cost has been estimated to be between $750,000 and $1,000,000.

As you can see from the result, there’s not a single part of the car that’s been untouched. Bumpers were flushed, the windows no longer have beadings and mount flush, and the amount of custom metal work is just too plentiful to mention. The engine bay was smoothed, the underside was done, the rear was tubbed to accommodate the 21-inch 3-piece EVOD Industries wheels (20-inch up front) and the whole nose was basically rebuilt. The entire floor was remade and the whole package rolls on a new Roadster Shop Fast Trac IRS/IFS chassis. For the interior, it’s been a complete change with nothing left over from the original '70s car, but everything still has that classic flavour with a modern touch, including some innovative LED lighting. The dash, centre console, pedal pads and other bits were 3D printed in-house, a set of modified BMW seats was fitted and there’s custom Mulberry leather covering everything by JS Customs. Custom Black Ice paint from Kindig's Modern Classikk range covers the car and it’s absolutely flawless. The rear received an amazing LED taillight that stretches across the width of the car and acts as a park, brake, normal lights and indicators. To give the car the bite to match the bark, the Kindig crew managed to procure a much sought-after Hellephant powerplant. The 7.0-litre Gen 3 Hellephant crate motor comes with a 3.0-litre supercharger and is rated to produce a mind-blowing 746 kW (1,000 hp) and 1,355 Nm of torque. It’s an amazing restomod that wowed the SEMA crowds, but more importantly, Mr Hart himself is happy with the Challenger known as BANE!

Take a look at the YouTube video from the SEMA reveal of the Kindig It Design-built 1970 Doge Challenger, a project undertaken for actor/comedian Kevin Hart to add to his already awesome collection. The car was given the name Bane, and to make it worthy of such a mean-sounding name it was fitted with a 1,000 hp Hellephant lump. Rad coverage from the chaps at 247 Car Show: DAVE KINDIG Debuts KEVIN HARTS NEW 1000 Horsepower Dodge Challenger 'BANE" | SEMA 2023 DAY 1 | 247 Car Show

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