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While Ken Block (RIP) is no longer with us, it looks like there’s still going to be one more instalment of his epic Gymkhana videos, and that news has us praising the motorsport gods. The Gymkhana series of videos was nothing short of amazing, for a few reasons. Firstly, it did wonders for Ken Block as a brand, along with the related Hoonigan Industries brand. It also elevated the brands he worked with like Monster Energy, DC shoes and a few automakers. The first Gymkhana video showed the world that extreme sports were to be taken seriously, and it was one of the first motorsport-related videos to go truly viral. The same goes for all the follow-up videos showing Block ripping the living daylights out of a host of specially prepared racecars in environments that cars and antics portrayed would never usually have any access to. There were ten videos in the Gymkhana series and one under the Elektrikhana banner, and they not only showcased the man’s driving ability and the prowess of a car in the right hands, but they also had massive entertainment value. In yet another clever move, when Block joined Audi they collaborated to show the electric future of motorsport is here, and that electric cars are every bit as good as their ICE counterparts, or better. The Elektrikhana video that featured the amazing S1 Hoonitron was released a little over a year ago and it’s racked up over 8,800,000 views, and the counter continues to rise. When Block died tragically in January of 2023, legions of fans worldwide mourned the man, and we (yeah, I’m one) also had to accept the fact that we would never get to see another viral driving stunt video.

There was hope though in the form of Block’s daughter Lia, who has been getting a lot of seat time at the wheel of many of Block’s cars along with some that were specially built for her too. We see her motorsport exploits almost monthly and the 17-year-old already has driving skills that have been passed down in the genes. She can already outdrive many seasoned track racers, and so many thought that when a new Gymkhana video came around Lia would be the star in the car. Well, we were wrong. Hoonigan just released a trailer for an upcoming video called Ken Block's Electrikhana TWO. It turns out that late in 2022 Block and the Hoonigan Media Machine actually filmed a follow-up video to the original Elektrikhana one. AWESOMENESS! In December we’ll be seeing this new video, and we cannot wait. Of course, we’re looking forward to seeing the Hoonitron with its dual electric motors and a healthy 507 kW with 640 Nm of torque on tap shredding tyres, but more than that, we’re just so stoked that we get to see a motoring icon doing what he did best one last time. Even if the location, driving and filming ended up being bad, it would still be the best video of the series, but we know that’s simply not possible. We’re patiently waiting for the December release, and we’re sure most of the motorsport world will be following suit. It’s guaranteed to be an instant classic that will rack up millions of views in no time at all. Is it December yet?

Take a look at the YouTube video that just made us all happy and sad at the same time. We had resigned ourselves to the fact that we'd never get to see one of our motorsport heroes in action again, but with this new trailer from the crew at Hoonigan we know we were wrong. This December we're going to be seeing the 2nd instalment of Electrikhana with our man Block piloting the ridiculously powerful Audi S1 Hoonitron: [HOONIGAN] Ken Block's Electrikhana TWO: The Trailer | Hoonigan

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