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We dive into the best and worst looking OEM wheels of all time!

A fresh new set of good looking wheels are usually the first mod a lot of car enthusiasts install on their cars. But, when buying a car new, there's usually a diverse selection available too. Thus, comes the pretty difficult task of choosing the right ones.

You never want to choose ones that will not compliment the looks of your car. Most of the time, the OEM selection from a dealership all look pretty rad on your new cabbie, but not always. If you're buying aftermarket rims, you don't want to buy a set that clash with the aesthetic of your dream ride, and you definitely don't want to chose any with the wrong fitment. 

However, if you got that all figured out already, then you need to embrace your inner artist and decide how they will look on your vehicle. Nowadays, vehicle manufacturers will have examples of how the rims look on the car already or, if you're in the second-hand market for OEM, you'll already know how they look on a classic. However, If you want to see how your new aftermarket wheels look on your car and don't have mad Photoshop skills, use Rimulator.)

The question is, what exactly determines whether or not aftermarket wheels look good or nasty on your car? Well, it has got to do with a number of things. First of all, it's what's currently trending – pretty much like fashion. What was cool back in the early 2000s will be considered cringeworthy now. Second of all, its got a lot to do with the make and year model of your car too. If you own a hot 1980s pocket rocket, it doesn't make sense investing in a modern-looking Vossen. For example, maybe you want to look around for a period-correct wheel. And the same goes for modern cars, you don't want to hook up the biggest chrome wheels from the 50s that you can find!

Keep in mind, though, that it is your car and it is up to you as to what wheels take your personal fancy!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Donut Media, on The Best And Worse Looking Wheels Of All Time.

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