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In the modern world of automotives, computers and machines and even AI have started to make sure that some special jobs have been on the decline, especially those skills that have taken years to perfect, the ones that are done by hand. The folks at Carlex Design based in Czechowice-Dziedzice, on the southern side of Poland, have people on their payroll who can lay claim to being the best at what they do. You must know that when you see a car that has any work on it from Carlex Design that the work is completely custom as well as being as close to perfect as possible. The company’s coachbuilding skills are so damn good that the end result certainly looks like it can put most operations to shame, even surpassing the work seen carried out at places like Mulliner for Bentley and even Rolls Royce. The project that the Polish pros just revealed has been four years in the making, and the end result is stunning in every respect. The base of the project is a Mercedes-AMG G63, and even though this is easily the most customised one on the planet right now, it hasn’t been changed so much that it’s not recognisable anymore. The balance of changes is just perfect - it’s not so much a car that’s been modified as much as it is a work of art that’s mobile. They call this the G-Falcon, and when you see that artwork that adorns the exterior roof of the car, you’ll understand why. The Carlex Design team that created this awesomeness is Damian Skotnicki, the company CEO who is also the Artisan Craftsman working on G-Falcon’s roof; Anna Szydelska,  an Artisan Engraver adding to the roof work; Robert Wolny, a Metal Patination Artisan, Witold Szydelski, the Master of Leather Patination and Konrad Łabędź, the Head Designer working on the wagon’s roof design. The roof is the main attraction of this project, the hand-engraved falcon is just ridiculous, the work carried out and the resulting detail is amazing and the highlights with subtle touches of gold on the polished metal make it an amazing work of art. The paintwork is equally cool and features actual refined diamond dust to give a magickal effect. Those hand-engraved patterns on the roof also extend to the side mouldings,  wheel arches and small details around the car, inside and out. There’s so much done to this G Wagon that we could spend literally hours looking at all the details.

The interior is just as amazing as the exterior with the best leatherwork we’ve ever seen, and we see more cars than most in the metal and we spend hundreds of hours a week online researching, well, cars. The interior features the art of patinating, which is a tradition that goes back to the roots of the finest with intricate, hand-finished details that give the leather the look and feel of those stupendously expensive leather seats you find in bazillionaire offices. To go with it, all leather bits are hand-stitched and it does look just brilliant. The falcon was used because: “it represents the dignity of a true king, echoing the whispers of wind and gravity, but never succumbing to them unconditionally. It is an icon of inner strength, inspiration and liberation – an invitation to explore the mysteries of the world and one’s own soul. Its presence awakens in us the desire to be free, to overcome obstacles and to rise above the beaten path. The falcon’s gaze is a shock to our beliefs, a provocation to our thoughts and an inspiration to our dreams. It is a symbol of eternity, transcendence and the unique beauty that lies within each of us, just waiting for the right moment to break free and soar into the skies of limitless imagination.” The door locks are custom bits, and they look like a falcon’s claw holding a golden ball, not something you’ll find at Autostyle. “We wanted to touch up every detail of this large-scale project. When we started work on the roof, we thought it would take 12 months, but it took 42 months of daily 8-hour work to achieve a satisfactory effect. It took three and a half years to complete all the work, the vast majority of which was the relief process. The most important element of the G-Falcon is undoubtedly the hand-crafted roof with falcon relief – intricately applied decorative patterns – highlighted by subtle touches of gold on the polished metal. This pattern was first sketched by hand by Konrad who is the most outstanding graphic designer in our team. We later transferred the pattern to the metal roof overlay. This is a metal component that adheres to the factory roof with laser-like precision. It takes four months to create such a piece before it is ready for relief. To make working on the roof easier, we created a special electrically controlled table that acts like a painting easel, allowing access to the roof at any plane. Working on the roof can be likened to making large pieces of jewellery. The relief and fabrication process took 5,800 hours or 36 months of manual work at 8 hours a day.” comments Carlex Design PR. Just because it’s so damn cool, we’re leaving all the pics in the post full sized instead of adding a gallery, it’s the best way to enjoy the G-Falcon.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the coolest G-Wagon on the planet, hands down. There is no part of this Mercedes-AMG that has been left untouched, and the world is a better place for it, Just wow!: Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG G-Falcon 1 of 1 by Carlex | Carlex Design

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