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How does a V6 engine vary to an inline- or straight-six engine? Let's find out the difference between the two.

It's time for us to head over to Science Garage for a lesson on the difference between a V6 and a straight-six engine, as well as what they have in common.

Unless you're a petrolhead or at least more interested in cars than others, then it's likely you won't know the difference – even though the clue is in the description of each.

It seems pretty simple; a V6 is shaped like a V, and an inline/straight-six is, well, in a line. But what does that actually mean? Fortunately for us, Bart is excellent at explaining the concepts to the layman. If you don't already know or are just interested to see what he has to say, then I suggest pressing the play button on the video below. It's really worth it!

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