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Those lovely coloured brake callipers you see on many cars ordinarily come with a hefty price tag, so why not do it yourself? Here is the easiest way to paint your brake callipers.

The reality for many petrolheads is that they just don't have the money for expensive upgrades, as we've seen in previous articles about really poor ricer mods.

This is a dilemma that the guys over at throtl have come across, inspiring this video. Here, Evan runs us through the process of painting your stock callipers like a pro, and save you a chunk of change in the process.

It's a simple process, you don't need to be the ultimate handyman to do it yourself. Evan says, "All you'll need is black plastic bags, brake cleaner, acetone, some high-temperature primer, paint, clear coat, steel wool, regular ratchet, masking tape, paper towel and, most importantly, a breakfast burrito."

This is the time you play on the video below and check out how he does it. Yes, I concede, it may be cheating in some of your eyes, but it looks pretty cool and is a solution for those strapped for cash.

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