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Pagani has unveiled their brand new Huayra R that features a naturally aspirated V12 monster with an incredible 9,000rpm redline.

The Huayra name has been a familiar one for over a decade now, but Pagani is nowhere near done with it yet! Pagani has developed a whole new engine for their absolutely mental racing version of the Huayra, which they have called the Pagani Huayra R.

The new Pagani Huayra R will feature race-like components, such as carbon fibre body panels, better aerodynamics and bigger vents, a roof scoop, adaptive dampers, aluminium double-wishbone suspension and 19-inch forged wheels.

But it's not all show and no go with the new Pagani Huayra R. They have designed a brand new naturally aspirated engine specifically for the new Huayra R, with a 6.0 litre V12 that produces a staggering 838bhp and, if that's not enough, this racing engineered engine also has a 9,000rpm redline!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Pagani Automobili, on The Pagani Huayra R.

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