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Rolls-Royce is known for creating the most luxurious cars in the world, and even though these imposing cars can be had with a vast array of options, there is still a market for extra changes in the aftermarket sphere. It is a little hard to understand why someone would want something extra over what Rolls-Royce will do for owners, but these days these sizeable and powerful cars aren’t only the domain of the typically suited businessman who gets driven around anymore. You can find these cars in the hands of YouTubers and other wealthy people who are still a fair bit away from grey hairs, and they even drive themselves. We (in our expert opinion) think that these are the people that Novitec has aimed the latest upgrade packages at. Of course, it still won’t surprise us if the Spofec bits are seen on the Rolls-Royce of a proper eccentric old chap who has a flair for the unusual. Spofec is a division of world-renowned aftermarket specialists, Novitec. This not only means you’re assured of quality good enough to match what Rolly-Royce is capable of, but that there will be options that are a lot less, shall we say conservative, than what the British automaker offers. It’s not like a Rolls-Royce of any kind doesn’t already stand out in a crowd, but the Spofect stuff from Novitec will be enough to break necks. Just an FYI, when we say break necks, we don’t mean death, we mean the end result will look so different that people will swing their heads so fast, or twist so much just to have a look that they could snap their necks.

Even with the owners that want to shout their presence loudly, the offerings from Spofec aren’t too in-your-face but are different enough so that onlookers know there’s been some aftermarket treatment. A definite highlight is the Spofec wheels, of which there are two styles available, but the ones seen in the images and in the video are the equivalent of automotive porn. These are the massive 24-inch Spofec SP3 wheels with a polished and brushed face that are the result of a collaboration with long-time, US-based partner, Vossen Wheels. The luxobarge benefits from a visual upgrade in the form of a complete bodykit comprised of a front bumper, side skirts, a fender badge surround, a rear bumper and a rear lip spoiler - all made from carbon fibre. If it was our daily-driven limousine we’d have the carbon fibre exposed because that would be just perfect. There’s a tweak for the iconic twin-turbocharged V12 powerplant. In OEM guise this amazing slice of gasoline-fed machinery is rated at a healthy 450 kW with 840 Nm of torque. After the addition of a free-flow exhaust system (well as free as the EU allows) and the Spofec N-Ttonic processor-controlled device is plugged in, the power output rises to a rather impressive 504 kW of power with a big spike in torque to 1 010 Nm. There’s no pricing for the full package listed but in this 1 %-er category of Rolls-Royce owners that’s the norm.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off what the already amazing-looking Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II can look like with a bit of aftermarket tuning from little-known tuner Spofec. You may in fact notice that the video is hosted by well-known tuner Novitec, and that's because Spofec is the division within the company that is 100 % dedicated to the Rolls-Royce brand: Spofec Rolls Royce Phantom Series II with 1010Nm, 685hp / The Supercar Diaries | Novitec Group

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