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Legendary GT Continuation Cars and Shelby American have teamed up to recreate a legendary Cobra that terrorised drag strips in the early 60s at the hands of NHRA champion Bruce Larson, the car was in Dragonsnake spec. Recreations of the iconic Shelby Cobra are nothing new, there are even other companies that produce them under licence, but in the case of these recreations, things are on another level. In a true tribute to the original 1963 model, the recreations will be in aluminium. “The 1960s Shelby 'Dragonsnake' program began when a small group of young Shelby American production employees developed and drag raced a pair of the roadsters to amazing success,” said Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. “Carroll was so impressed that he approved three more to be built for customers. We reopened Dragonsnake production so fans can experience the thrill of launching a 'new' Shelby Cobra down the quarter mile. While only a few could order a new Cobra roadster personally from Carroll Shelby 60 years ago, five people have the chance to do so through his company today.” Yup, that’s right, this tribute car is limited to just 5 units, which is actually the way special editions should be to ensure they stay special, and more importantly hold or appreciate in value.

Bruce Larson's 1963 Shelby 289 Cobra Dragonsnake is the most successful drag-racing Cobra of all time. Chassis CSX2093 was a street Cobra that was transformed into the Dragonsnake racecar, a transformation that saw the car outfitted with new rear-fender flares, lightweight American Racing wheels wearing drag slicks, a chrome roll bar, a Sun tachometer (that’s the big word for a rev gauge), side curtains, a hardtop with improved aerodynamics and some appropriate chassis tweaks. The five recreations start as an aluminium CSX2000 series car and are painted fuchsia metal flake and come with a hardtop, chrome bumpers, hand-painted graphics, early style Cobra badges, polished side vents and “Powered by Ford” badges. The chassis is authentic with 4-inch round tube main rails, original-style suspension with adjustable Penske shocks, rack & pinion steering, 1963 factory-style disc brakes, an aluminium radiator, an electric fan and a full custom exhaust system. The cockpit features SW Gauges, a dash-mounted 8 000 rpm rev gauge, 3-inch lap belts, black leather seats with matching door pull straps, a dash-mounted rear-view mirror, a passenger grab handle, a glove box, a custom shift knob and stainless roll bar. The corners are filled with authentic 15-inch custom FIA-style wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson tyres; normal runners up front with 28-inch M/T Drag slicks round back. The car has a 500 hp aluminium 6.0-litre V8 with a Weber carburettor system and is mated to a TREMEC 5-speed manual transmission. The five cars will start at $750 000, depending on options, and will take around a year to build. “Pennsylvanian Bruce Larson was a rock star in the 1960s with his drag racing Shelby Cobra,” said Parker Shepley, Business Manager at Legendary GT. “His contributions to the Shelby legend were incredible. We consulted him while developing this car to ensure as much authenticity as possible.”

Take a look at the YouTube video from a pair of guys who are rather clued up on the iconic Cobra that was the car to beat in its class in early 60s NHRA drag racing. While the original car is a '63, this here is a '65, but that's not a problem really as this one is so good in and out and the specs are the same. Also, footage of the OG car is not that easy to find and the new one hasn't been filmed yet: 1965 SHELBY Factory Stage III 289 Cobra DragonSnake | Two Guys and a Ride

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