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The AC Cobra is one of the world’s most popular roadsters, it’s had a long and storied history and was available in kit car form for many years. The cars could be bought in a DIY kit or as a completed turnkey solution, most often with a Ford V8 powerplant as per the original racecars, but here in SA most we’ve come across saw fitment of a Chevy V8 instead, partly because of the cost and more readily available upgrade components. These days it’s not uncommon to find them fitted with a Toyota 1UZ V8, again thanks to the cost and the more readily available tuning parts. This latest version of the iconic roadster has been updated in every area possible, and keeping true to form, the powerplant of choice is again from the house of Ford. It wasn’t too long ago that we brought you news of Britain’s oldest active vehicle manufacturer’s plans to unveil an all-new model under the name of the AC Cobra GT Roadster. We were told we should see the physical car by April, but it was properly unveiled now in May of 2023. Motoring fanatics the world over have been patiently waiting to see exactly what the finished product would look like, and we’re happy to report that the car looks true to the first images we saw, and at the same time the car also looks pretty much like the original and much-loved Cobra that everyone and their grandfather (and great grandfather) knows. We love that an old classic gets modern updates to make it go faster, handle better and at the same time, be much safer.

Initial reports were that the new AC Cobra GT Roadster would see fitment of Ford’s 5.0-litre V8 Coyote lump, and that’s what it has. The setup is rated at 333 kW with 570 Nm of torque and it can be had mated to either a 6-speed manual or a 10-speed automatic transmission, as seen in the Ford Mustang GT models. While that would obviously perform great in a new lightweight and highly advanced extruded aluminium spaceframe chassis clothed in a flowing carbon-composite body, the powers that be have also announced that it can be had with a supercharger bolted on, and this version creates 480 kW with 780 Nm. This version sees the GT Roadster capable of sprinting from 0 - 100 km/h in just over 3.5 seconds. Perfectly complementing the engines, two gearboxes are available: a 6-speed manual gearbox for purists or an advanced 10-speed automatic gearbox with steering-wheel-mounted shift paddles. The company will produce 250 units of the GT Roadster for worldwide markets every year, and the first year of production has already been allocated. That’s a good sign. This new  AC Cobra GT Roadster is fully road legal and also available in both left and right-hand drive which means worldwide shipping and registering isn’t an issue. Speaking at the premiere, David Conza, Chief Executive Officer of AC Cars, said: “Our goal was to surpass the expectations of our esteemed clientele, who have grown accustomed to the finest in automotive luxury. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from the attendees confirms that we have well and truly exceeded those expectations. The AC Cobra GT Roadster is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. We are delighted that customers could join us from around the world, and thank them for placing the utmost faith in us.”

Take a look at the YouTube video from the reveal of the all-new, but rather similar-looking AC Cobra GT Roadster. It's a modern take on the classic and iconic Cobra that now has a bunch of new safety systems in play along with an updated powerplant that pushes out some pretty decent power that should see the car eclipse the classic in every facet: AC Cobra GT Roadster unveil 2023 | AC Cars Official

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