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Here at SXdrv, we maintain that the pricing and availability of certain cars has been directly affected by The Fast & The Furious movie franchise. If the movies never came out, it’s highly likely that cars like the Nissan R34 GT-R, the Nissan 240 SX and the Series 6 FD RX-7 would be a lot more affordable. Even the EK Honda Civic and the Mk3 VW Jetta were affected after the movie highlighted how cool the cars can be, and having a car as seen in a major movie franchise because a serious selling point. Over the years we’ve seen a bunch of these movie cars pop up for sale, the ones that were actually used in the filming of the movies, and having that kind of provenance means these cars often fetch eye-wateringly high prices. Paul Walker’s own R34 GT-R is about to go under the hammer and it looks like it will fetch absolutely silly money - with a week to go the current bid is already at $750 000, or close to R14 000 000, and it may still rise. Mecum Auctions has just listed another FnF movie car, this time it’s the 1993 Series 6 Mazda RX7. This car is special for movie fans, it was first seen in the original The Fast & The Furious movie as the main character Dom Toretto’s car, and after a makeover, it was also used in the second movie,  2 Fast 2 Furious where it was owners by the character Orange Julius played by Amaury Nolasco. The car hasn’t really changed since the movie, and the new owner will even get the clothing worn by the actor in the scenes featuring the car.

The RX7 was built by Eddie Paul for Universal Studios for use in The Fast and the Furious movie, and for the 2nd instalment the car was given a new paint scheme using House of Kolor Ultra Orange Pearl, and to make it pop the car was given a red and black interior. To give the car more of a new identity, it was given Orange Julius decals that are still on the car as it heads for auction.  The FD features a full Versus body kit, a J-Spec bonnet, flip-up headlights with Cat 2 fog lights and 18-inch Ro-Ja 5-spoke wheels. The exhaust, that’s quite small for an RX7, doubles as a flame thrower with one of those aftermarket flame kits. This gives the illusion that the car is fast, but under the hood, things are pretty much standard, the 13B powerplant is still in the rare twin-turbocharged setup, too. The interior has an aftermarket steering wheel with a nitrous activation button, an array of aftermarket gauges, Sparco racing seats, and a fuel cell in the rear. The sale includes the aforementioned outfit worn by Nolasco as well as all the relevant documentation proving the provenance of the car. The car is tipped to sell for as much as $250 000, which is a rather large chunk of change, and the only thing making the car special is the movie affiliation. Looking at the pics, the car is in need of some TLC, even though it recently had $40 000 spent on it. The seats are a little tatty, not normal for Sparco. The same money this car will fetch could get you a very well-wroted example that needs nothing done except a change of ownership, and will likely have all the right parts in it to make big horsepower. Hopefully the new owner will give ths one the TLC it deserves, and then shows it off at every car meet possible. We’ll keep you posted on the final sales price.

Take a look at the YouTube video from well-known internet car guy Craig Lieberman that details all of the history of this specific RX7, the only rotary-powered car to feature in two movies from the ultra-successful The Fast & The Furious movie franchise starring as a car belonging to two different actors: Dom's RX7: Specs, Performance and the backstory | Craig Lieberman

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