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It must be great to be part of a company that has a seemingly endless budget for activities and promotions. 2023 is Lamborghini’s 60th anniversary and unlike most people or companies that celebrate milestone anniversaries, the company has stretched out celebrations to last the whole year. The company has already released a few special limited-edition cars and merchandise in celebration of its 60th anniversary, more than anyone else in the industry celebrating a milestone anniversary - and 2023 is full of them. And so the celebrations continue with the Italian automaker releasing a whopping 180 limited edition Huracán models divided into three sets of 60, each using a different Huracán as a base - the Huracán STO, Huracán Tecnica and Huracán EVO Spyder. Each model in the V10 range is available in two different configurations with dedicated liveries to enhance the spirit and the unique lines that distinguish each model. To highlight the uniqueness of the series, every car is furnished with a “1 of 60” carbon fibre plate and the “60th” logo adorns the doors, in paint, and is also embroidered on the seats. To capitalise on the unveiling of these cars included the first European appearance (outside of Sant’Agata Bolognese) of the new Lamborghini Revuelt. This forms part of the aforementioned 60th-anniversary celebrations that began in January with the renovated Lamborghini Museum, Lamborghini Day Japan that took place in Suzuka and Lamborghini Day in the UK that will be held on April 29 at Silverstone. On May 24, the 60th Anniversary Giro tour will be held in Italy, ending on May 28 in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna with a Concours d’Elegance open to the public, where more than 150 Lamborghinis are expected to participate.

The Huracán STO 60th Anniversary Edition is offered in two versions, the first features shades of blue, with the bodywork in Blu Aegeus embellished with elements in Blu Astraeus that can be combined with exposed carbon fibre elements with a Blu Mira finish. The interior features a combination of Alcantara in Nero Cosmus and Grigio Octans, details in Nero Ade and contrasting embroidery in Blu Amon. The second version features bodywork in Grigio Telesto and Nero Noctis combined with exposed carbon fibre, while the interior in Nero Cosmus and Grigio Octans Alcantara features stitching and leather details in Rosso Alala leather. Both have the 60th-anniversary logo embroidered on the seats and feature 20-inch forged aluminium Hek rims with a matte black finish. The Huracán Tecnica’s 60 units can be configured in two motorsport-inspired versions incorporating the colours of the Italian Tricolore flag, the first features bodywork in Grigio Telesto featuring details in Nero Noctis and Rosso Mars, a contrast that is also in the interior with Nero Ade Alcantara and details in Rosso Alala. The second version is the opposite with Bianco Asopo bodywork enhanced by lines in Verde Viper which are repeated in the Nero Ade Alcantara interiors. Both are equipped with 20-inch Damiso rims in gloss black. The EVO Spyder can be configured with bodywork in Blu Le Mans with contrasting Bianco Isi details and the same colour scheme is used for the interior in Nero Ade Alcantara, embellished with embroidery in Blu Amon and piping in Bianco Leda. The alternative version features bodywork in Verde Viper combined with Bianco Isi and the interior is upholstered with Nero Ade Alcantara combined with Rosso Alala and Bianco Leda. Both are equipped with more of those gloss black 20-inch Damiso rims.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the Lamborghini Huracán range from when it was sort of completed a good six years ago, and then you'll have a better understanding of why this nameplate has done so well for the Italian automaker and why it decided to use this model to create some last-run limited edition anniversary hoorah models: The Huracán model range: Driven by Instinct | Lamborghini

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