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We love it when new performance cars are released and the automaker in question supplies the car’s power and performance stats. It doesn’t take long for a publication or tuning house to test one of these cars and get better performance from it, which can of course be down to the abilities of the driver, but in many cases, it’s because the claimed power figures are in fact higher than claimed. In many of these cases, it was thought that this could be because the official figures are under-quoted so that the car in question is able to repeat the claimed performance figures at the hands of the prospective buyer in the real world. We’ve recently seen a bunch of stock cars making better power than claimed like the GR Yaris, and the BMW 240i. With the latter being better than claimed, it sorta makes sense then that the all-new BMW M2 should do the same, doesn’t it? We just caught wind of this happening, Chicago-based IND Distribution, a highly-regarded independent BMW tuning house specialising in M Performance models, got their hands on a G87 BMW M2 and took it to Performance Eurowerks whose dyno they use for tuning and comparisons.

IND-Distribution reports: “The BMW G87 M2 has been a highly anticipated release from BMW and while many enthusiasts eagerly awaited getting the chance to experience the new design in person, at IND we found ourselves curious as to the "detuned" power output and how it would compare to our 6-speed non-competition model G82 M4. As fortune would have it, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to put one of the first units to the test. Today, we are excited to share our findings with you as we headed back to Performance Eurowerks with our new 6-speed G87 M2, comparing it to our previous experience with the 6-speed IND G82 M4. We were thrilled to take our G87 M2 to the dyno and see firsthand how it performed. BMW has a, depending on your perspective, either confusing or mildly infuriating habit of underrating the output of its cars. So we wanted to gauge the G87's true potential and gather insights that could maybe help future owners make informed decisions about possible modifications and tuning options they may consider. As the G87 M2 roared to life on the dyno, in the relatively enclosed dyno room, we were immediately captivated by the S58's exhaust note; again a substantial improvement over the S55. The S58 engine didn't disappoint, putting down impressive numbers that, yet again, exceeded BMW's quoted outputs. Interestingly enough our suspicions, based on even the short time driving the car, its power output is basically identical to our G82, even slightly exceeding torque output and at an earlier RPM. Much has been made of the G87's weight so while we were at it, we figured it was a good time to pop the car onto the scales and see where it stood. We're happy to report that with an empty car and a 3/4 tank of gas, our M2 is equipped with the carbon roof, but standard seats came in at a very balanced 3 758 lbs; slightly under BMW's quoted 3,814lb curb weight.” Check the results below:

Take a look at the YouTube video from IND Distribution who, as far as we're aware, is the first to put the all-new G87 BMW M2 on a rolling road to check out if the power claimed by BMW is what they say it is - the results are surprising. Ok, maybe not, but have a look-see for yourself: Worlds First G87 M2 On A Dyno + Weight | IND Distribution

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