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Introducing the All-New BMW Baby Racer, this 4th generation of the iconic kid’s toy is the perfect way to pass on the BMW Spirit to young fans and set them on a life path of driving and owning BMWs. For more than 30 years, the BMW Baby Racer has been a staple part of the BMW Lifestyle Collection and the all-new BMW Baby Racer is set to excite the next generation of BMW fans with its distinctive design and custom features that perfectly mirror those found on current BMW models, these things are updated along with the actual cars, so kids on the playground can already learn that whole “I’m better because I have the latest model” attitude that full-size BMW drivers seem to have after a few months of ownership. The all-new BMW Baby Racer features a sporty design that is sure to turn toddlers' heads. With a comfortable soft seat in contrasting colours, an ergonomic 3-spoke steering wheel, and whisper wheels made from recycled materials, this little sit-on BMW provides maximum comfort to even the youngest enthusiasts. Safety is ensured with a horn integrated into the redesigned cockpit that provides a clear path ahead, and we’ll be impressed if your 2-year-old can figure out how this works. They should have given the thing indicators to teach future BMW drivers what they’re actually for and that they are, in fact, useful.

The front of the new 4th-generation BMW Baby Racer features the iconic, controversial oversized BMW kidney grille, which is fully in line with the style of the full-size BMW 4 Series, BMW iX, and BMW M3/M4 role models. The sporty tail lights are sure to impress anyone who sees this car pass by at 0.5 km/h. With its custom features and proportions, the all-new BMW Baby Racer is far more than just a miniature version of a BMW model, it will ensure your toddler gets all the kindergarten attention and a prized parking spot at the front of the classroom. The all-new BMW Baby Racer is available in black, blue, and white with seats in contrasting colours, so your little terror can smile endlessly when looking at the thing. The pleasure of driving is guaranteed to stay with young fans as all spare parts for the BMW Baby Racer are available from selected BMW dealers. This means that young fans can enjoy a long and fruitful friendship with the BMW brand, experiencing sheer driving pleasure from an early age. Unlike the full-sized cars that BMW wants you to renew every time a model is given a facelift. The BMW BR IV also features silent wheels, so you can nap through your kid’s incessant riding up and down on your uber-expensive Lux Touch floor tiles, unlike those cheapie plastic bikes you can buy from gas station forecourts. The BMW Baby Racer will be available from April 2023 onwards from selected dealers and online at www.lifestyle.bmw.com. Don't miss your chance to pass on the BMW spirit to your little ones with this iconic car and have them looking down on other brand owners before their 5th birthday.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows the collection and delivery of the previous generation BMW Baby Racer, the Baby Racer III Motorsport, and the excited father takes the viewer on a walkaround tour of the bespoke kid's toy. Pretty cool, we almost want one: Getting my son a ///BMW Baby Racer III Motorsport | RorieloS

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