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In a world where mass-produced plastics dominate, the art of handcrafting seems to be fading away. But for those who yearn for a bygone era of craftsmen who were also artists, the G Steampunk edition is the perfect escape. Trust the aftermarket automotive industry to keep these old-school crafts alive. This project, which would see a final total of ten units produced, was inspired by the Victorian era and the technical revolution of Jules Verne, Herbert George Wells, and Mark Twain, resulting in a bespoke car that is a true masterpiece of artistry and fantasy. These 10 unique SUVs have been crafted on the base model of a Mercedes-AMG G63 model, and to keep each of those ten units unique, the engravings on the copper roof are different for all ten units. Unique - inception-style. As you would imagine, the most challenging part of this project was the copper roof cover, engraved with a gigantic relief of steampunk motifs by skilled jewellers and designers. The result is a stunning masterpiece that catches the eye and the imagination. The only question we have is does the roof need monthly polishing or will it turn green from oxidation? That would be a lot of upkeep, but then again people playing with toys at this level will usually have someone they can order to do the work. Hopefully the climates that these bespoke SUVs end up in don’t experience hail, because that would have a rather horrible effect on the softy copper skin.

The interior is a work of art too, with hand-ornamented criollo-hued leather that perfectly showcases the parts plated with copper or rose gold. The headliner features a huge embroidery with amazing steampunk motifs that creates a unique structure that changes hue depending on the angle of view. The floor of the car has been made from American walnut wood, and each joint has been finished with leather. There’s also a special numbered collector’s plaque in the roof lining. The steering wheel was trimmed with Nappa leather and finished off with a laser-engraved steampunk-style motif and also features a gold-plated marker and perforation pattern. If you know anything about interior modifications, you’ll know just how much work goes into reworking the interior of a luxury car, and the effort required to ensure the aftermarket changes keep the same high-quality finish as the OEM interior. Carlex Design is clearly among the world’s best, the images should cement that fact. On that note, how damn cool are the images used to showcase this steampunk G63? There are more cool things over on the Carlex website, it’s worth checking out if you like what you see here. This is what the company was doing in 2020, so you can imagine what’s happening at their premises now. 

Take a look at the YouTube video from the chaps at RoCars that takes a look at the mindblowing work carried out on their Mercedes-AMG G63 to give it a steampunk theme, complete with loads and loads of real copper with the coolest engravings: Mercedes-AMG G 63 (2020) STEAMPUNK - Gorgeous Project from Carlex Design | RoCars

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