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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presents the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow Collection to close out the production run of the Wraith nameplate, a 12-unit production run to celebrate the car that worked to transform perceptions of the Rolls-Royce brand from a bespoke luxury automaker to one that can create a literal powerhouse on wheels - all while keeping to the super high standards that the British automaker is synonymous with. It will be the last of the iconic V12s before the full transition to electric power, and that means it had to be something as special as it was unique. “Wraith is one of the most significant and influential cars we have ever made at Goodwood. Its extraordinary power, performance and presence opened the Rolls-Royce brand to an entirely new group of clients. It created its own following within contemporary culture and then expanded that further in its alternative Black Badge guise. As the last examples of this landmark motor car get ready to leave Goodwood, we commemorate Wraith’s status as the last series V12 coupé we will ever make. Both Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow and its inspiration, the V12-powered land speed record-holding Thunderbolt of the thirties, represent the culmination of many long years of achievement, and the end of their respective eras. This magnificent final V12 coupé Collection captures both the significance and spirit of Wraith through the marque’s hallmark and peerless Bespoke capabilities. A fitting finale for this transformative motor car.” says Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Rolls-Royce’s designers and engineers took inspiration for the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow Collection from when, in1938, Captain George Eyston set a world land speed record of 575.335 km/h with Thunderbolt, a seven-tonne, eight-wheeled monster powered by two Rolls-Royce V12 'R' Series aero engines, and it’s still the fastest V12-powered motor car ever built. Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow features a full-colour graduation between Celebration Silver and Black Diamond with a glass-infused ‘Crystal’ top coat, a formula that took 18 months of R&D making the Gradient Paint one of the most technically complex paints that Rolls-Royce has ever created. To offset the dark paint, there are bright yellow accents scattered around the car. One cool thing is the unique artwork on the fascia showing an exploded diagram of the V12 engine. Black Arrow also set a record, the Bespoke Starlight Headliner incorporates 2 117 fibre-optic stars, the most ever seen in a Rolls-Royce motor car. The stars depict the Milky Way as seen from the Salt Flats in Utah on 16 September 1938, the date of Thunderbolt’s land-speed record. While it’s not built to set records, the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow is powered by that awesome 458 kW / 870 Nm V12. As you’d expect from a limited-number production run from the likes of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, all 12 cars in the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow Collection have been allocated to clients around the world.

Take a look at the YouTube video from a full ten years ago when Rolls-Royce first revealed its monstrous, uber-luxurious, V12-powered Wraith line of cars. This was the start of high performance being introduced to a brand that basically set the standard for luxury and opulence, as well as Rolls-Royce owners driving their own cars instead of being driven - a 465 kW / 800 Nm V12 will do that to you: Wraith. And the world stood still | Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

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