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In a year of milestone anniversaries for a whole bunch of automakers, Land Rover celebrates their 75 anniversary, and part of that is the release of this 2,336-piece LEGO Icons Classic Land Rover Defender 90 build kit. While it is technically a LEGO product and is available through the LEGO sales channels, it will also be available from Land Rover with a sort of official merchandise stamp of approval. While there are many new cars from the UK automaker, none are quite as recognisable as the classic Defender 90 that was produced from 1983 to 2016, and just like the 1:1 version this build kit comes complete with all the accessories needed for an off-road adventure. In a bold move to mark the launch, the LEGO Group left a bright yellow classic Land Rover Defender in the Scottish Highlands and transformed it into the world’s hardest-to-reach LEGO store that could only be reached after battling a gruelling off-road track - so the LEGO Group challenged two of the boldest adventurers to reach it. The ultimate challenge saw Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest and the Seven Summits, and native Scottish adventurer and extreme locations expert, Aldo Kane, in a rigorous ascent to reach the remote LEGO Store, but also to be the first to build the new set.

The LEGO Icons Classic Land Rover Defender 90 set features a Landy in Sage Green in a two-in-one format so it can be built in an everyday road-ready configuration or in full adventure mode with a roof rack, engine snorkel, offroad front bumper with working winch, side rails, toolbox, a fire extinguisher, and traction plates for crossing mud and sand, and much more.  Kurt Kristiansen, LEGO Design Master, commented: “Bringing the iconic Classic Land Rover Defender to brick life was no easy challenge. This prestigious car can take you anywhere, so during the design process, we wanted to infuse the LEGO set with that sense of adventure." Raha Moharrak commented on her LEGO adventure, saying, “I was so excited when the LEGO Group asked me to be part of this campaign. I build at least one LEGO set each month so working with the two brands together has been an epic adventure. From getting to race across the Scottish Highlands in a classic Defender to trying to be the first to reach the hardest-to-reach LEGO store in the world and being one of the first to play with the new set, it really was a dream come true.” Aldo Kane also had a great time on the adventure: “This was my first time building a LEGO set in years but I was pretty confident that I would have the driving aspects of the challenge down – after all, I grew up in the Highlands, so I had that to my advantage. Despite that, the rugged terrain and icy conditions did make it quite the adventure! I think my favourite part of the whole experience has been that Raha and I became friends through it all. That and playing with the new LEGO set – it’s pretty spectacular!”.

LEGO Icons Land Rover Defender 90 kit details:

Age: 18+

Height: 16 cm

Width: 16 cm

Length: 32 cm

2 336 pieces

Fully functioning steering ​

Two-in-one build, either standard or off-road ready

Functioning doors and hood

Two engine options

Three bonnet options

Working suspension and interior details

Spare tyres​

Roof rack with extra work lights​

Engine snorkel​

Offroad front bumper with extra protection and a working winch, side rails, jerrycans, a toolbox and a jack, a shovel, pickaxe, hammer and axe, a fire extinguisher, and traction plates for crossing mud and sand

No, there's not an oil can and a fake oil leak. That you need to create on your own.

Take a look at the YouTube video that was created to show off the really cool and comprehensive new Land Rover Defender 90 Lego kit that's soon to be listed on the Land Rover store as official Land Rover merch because it's just that good. Once you've seen Lego's video, check out the one below that from Racing Brick and see what it takes to build the Landy as well as a review of the process: The hardest to reach LEGO Store in the world | Lego

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