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Volkswagen is building on its success in the compact EV car segment with the reveal of the all-new ID. 2all concept car that we know will not stay as a concept for long because daaaaamn that looks cool, also we have the press release that says it should be on street by 2025. News of the car has only just broken and everyone is calling this the EV replacement for the ICE-powered Golf hatchback, arguably the world’s most popular hatchback that has legions of fans waiting to see what the future of the car is. The ID. 2all will be driven by the front wheels and will be packed with innovative technological features including systems like Travel Assist, IQ.Light, and Electric Vehicle Route Planner along with a new Volkswagen design language. The production model will be based on the MEB Entry platform and is one of the ten new electric models that Volkswagen plans to launch by 2026, which means there should be a whole host of EVs in the sizes we’re used to seeing in their ICE counterparts. The development of the ID. 2all is based on the latest evolution of the modular electric drive (MEB) platform. The vehicle will be the first MEB model with front-wheel drive and will set new standards in technology and everyday usability with the MEB Entry platform, according to Kai Grünitz, Member of the Brand Board of Management responsible for Technical Development.

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, stated that the company aims to transform itself rapidly and fundamentally to become a "genuine Love Brand." The ID. 2all showcases the direction Volkswagen wants to take its brand, offering top technology, fantastic design, and proximity to the customer. The company intends to speed up the transformation process to make electric mobility accessible to the masses. Volkswagen also places greater emphasis on design, with the ID. 2all previewing the new Volkswagen design language based on stability, likeability, and enthusiasm. The C-pillar design from the first Golf has been reinterpreted for the ID. 2all, and the car has a powerful stance on its massive 20-inch wheels with a familiar face. The interior has a clear design, a high-quality appearance, and a self-explanatory infotainment system with classic volume control and a separate air conditioning block. The vehicle's storage volume is a generous 490 –1 330 litres, which is best in class. The VW ID. 2all will be equipped with efficient drive, battery, and charging technology, and will have a powerful electric drive motor with an output of 166 kW and a range of up to 450 km. This should see the hatchback EV hit 100 km/h in less than 7 seconds. We can’t help but imagine an EV the same size as the ID. 2all but with a more powerful electric motor and a GTi badge on the rear. When this car hits showroom floors in 2025 it should have a list price of less than R500 000 - that’s current Polo money.  Excited much? Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars: “We are transforming the company rapidly and fundamentally – with the clear objective of making Volkswagen a genuine Love Brand. The ID. 2all shows where we want to take the brand. We want to be close to the customer and offer top technology in combination with fantastic design. We are implementing the transformation at pace to bring electric mobility to the masses.”

Take a look at the YouTube video from the live worldwide reveal of that all-new Volkswagen ID. 2all EV that looks set to become rather popular thanks to having strikingly similar dimensions to the ever-popular Golf range - this video leaves nothing out but that means it's close on an hour long so get that FFWD session ready so you can skip to the good parts: The ID. 2all - World premiere event | Volkswagen

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