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Donkervoort is a Dutch automaker known for building some amazing lightweight cars, the family-owned automaker has a history spanning almost 45 years now so they know what they’re doing. The latest creation, which we first showed you back in December is called the F22, and the F in the name pays tribute to Filippa Donkervoort, Managing Director Denis Donkervoort’s daughter. It’s basically a featherweight in motoring terms tipping the scales at a mere 750kg and when you combine that with a nice and strong power output of 373 kW you have yourself a street-legal track weapon with amazing handling. It’s so fast and planted that during cornering it can generate a pancreas-shattering 2.15G of lateral acceleration. Designed in-house by a team led by Jordi Wiersma and mentored by world-renowned designer Amko Leenarts, the F22 is a visual masterpiece, showcasing Donkervoort's commitment to both form and function. The car features Ex-Core carbon-fibre doors and a twin targa-style roof that combines innovative design with practicality. The turbocharged 5-cylinder Audi-derived powerplant gives the car a power-to-weight ratio of 666 hp per ton allowing it to reach 100km/h in just 2.5 seconds and making it capable of a 0-200km/h dash in only 7.5 seconds - with the speed limiter removed the F22 can crack a top speed of around 290 km/h. Proper fast!

You may know all of this already, probably because we’ve shown you this car before. So the real point of this is the availability of the Donkervoort F22. To keep up exclusivity, and also possibly to drive up a bit of intrigue over the car, it was announced that just 50 units would be built for the public. As soon as the car was revealed, those 50 units were snapped up in no time at all. This is never a bad thing, and it showed Donkervoort that they were on to something quite special and so another 25 units were added to the planned production run. It was enough to make a few more people happy while still not upsetting the ones that already confirmed their orders. Six months back the car was said to have a planned retail price of €245,000 in European markets, which is quite hefty on our side of the world at about R4 900 000, and so while it makes sense that the car was snapped up because of its brilliant specs, there were likely many people out there who missed out. So the production run target was revised and Donkervoort just announced that the new figure is now up to 100 units. Production began in January, so we’ll hopefully see the first examples supplied to customers in the very near future and if we’re lucky we’ll see footage of them in the wild. 100 units is still a pretty exclusive number though. Even if they took that to 150, we wouldn’t really blame them.

Take a look at the YouTube video that gets into the nitty-gritty of the amazing lightweight Donkervoort F22 and takes a look at all the details and specs, along with commentary on a car that's referred to as a supercar with hypercar technology - and some flippin' amazing looks: The all-new Donkervoort F22 - The lightest supercar in the world | Real Channel Automotive

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