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The latest addition to Ferrari's fleet of hybrid high-performance sports cars is the 296 GTB which was released in mid-2021 and is one of those cars that makes you start to accept the way this EV technology is beneficial to the industry - and performance. The way Ferrari effortlessly incorporated the technology transfer from its current Formula 1 racecars into its production cars is pure brilliance. The sexy two-seater features a newly designed twin-turbo V6 engine that is also equipped with the MGU-K electric generator and motor, positioned right behind it. This example of some brilliant engineering is a testament to Ferrari's unwavering commitment to producing state-of-the-art vehicles. It’s not easy to pinpoint a leader from all the automakers that are currently dabbling in this tech, but Ferrari is certainly doing good things. As good as Ferrari made the 296 GTB, there’s always a little room for improvement and that’s where the Bavarian-based aftermarket tuning house of Novitec comes into play. The company recently got their hands on this amazing Ferrari and gave the car a proper nip/tuck here and there with an extra helping of power. As is usually the case when Novitec gets hold of a car for a project, attention was paid to the aesthetics and the powerplant.

In the case of the Ferrari 296 GTB, on the engine side, there’s been a decent improvement. In standard form, the 296 GTB is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre twin-turbo 120°-V6 engine that’s rated to produce a maximum power output of 488 kW, and the electric motor adds in an extra 123 kW to take the total combined power output of 610 kW and 740 Nm. This affords the GTB to launch from 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of just over 330 km/h. Sounds great, but even better after the Novitec tweaks that include a high-performance exhaust system that allows the internal combustion engine side to breathe a little better which takes the power up to 638 kW. On the handling side, the 296 received Novitec sports that reportedly sharpen things up when the car is thrown around. Novitec's design studio‘s changes to the aerodynamics are subtle but enough to give the car an improved look. We quite like the way they incorporated the yellow accents into the car, it works just right and we wouldn’t be surprised if other car owners copy it over to other cars in this league. As usual, Novitec partnered with well-known wheel manufacturer Vossen, and the result is a set of tailor-made hi-tech wheels in 21 and 22-inch sizing that looks great. In fact, there are three wheel options for the GTB and they’re all good. The stuff seen on this GTB is also available in component form, so Ferrari owners need not get the whole package, they can pick and choose the bits they like and want. Pricing ain’t gonna be cheap, but if someone can afford a car that costs around R6 800 000 we can assume they also have enough F-you money to customise it.

Take a look at the YouTube video that not only shows off just how good a Ferrari 296 GTB can look after it's been through the hands of the modification and styling experts at Novitec, and then you can see and hear the car bing given a bit of stick, great way to see how much cooler the Prancing Horse is after it's surgery: 868hp Novitec Ferrari 296 GTB, is it faster than the SF90 / The Supercar Diaries | Novitec Group

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