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With Formula 1 being one of the most watched sports in modern times, there are legions of fans who have unwavering support for their favourite team, and it’s honestly quite the mission to choose a team that you’ll willingly spend R1000 on a supporter’s cap for. While most teams garner fans on the racetracks, some teams do a bit more to recruit fans and the coolest of the bunch just has to be Oracle Red Bull Racing. No one else creates amazing content the way this team does, and the latest content to hit the world wide web is just brilliant, it’s tantamount to Ken Block and his gymkhana series, but with a pro driver piloting a Formula 1 car. This latest instalment features one of the most-liked F1 drivers, Daniel Ricciardo, who is now the team’s reserve driver after being dropped by McLaren, and he takes the Red Bull RB7 F1 across his home company of Australia while doing some pretty damn cool things that a Formula 1 car has no business doing. While this RB7 car has a winning history on track, it's also the most abused F1 car of all time as you’ll see when you click to watch the video just now. Ricciardo takes the car to the dusty outback for a session with a two-wheeled competitor, a 4-wheeled competitor and even a helicopter before racing a stunt plane and a touring car on some great tarmac and around Bathurst. It's all rather freaking mind-blowing!

Ricciardo made a spectacular return to his own backyard on a high-octane road trip through the outback, joined by enduro motorsport greats Toby Price and Daniel Sanders, as well as aerobatic pilot Matt Hall and Supercars champion Shane van Gisbergen for a series of amazing drives. The adventure started in the Wild West, before heading to Sea Cliff Bridge and finishing at Australia's most famous racetrack, Mount Panorama. Ricciardo's return to his country coincides with the Australian Grand Prix, which rolls into town later in March. While it’s not the current car, the Red Bull RB7 F1 is still a beast of a thing as evident from the amazing race record it set while used in competition a good 12 years ago. Powered by a Renault V8 engine, this car won the 2011 F1 season at the hands of Sebastian Vettel and became one of the most dominant F1 cars ever built after winning 12 out of the 19 races on the calendar - racking up an amazing 18 pole positions as well as the 2011 Constructor's title. The RB7 is fitted with a 2400cc Renault V8 that can scream up to 18 000rpm and produces 560 kW (750hp) and is mated to a 7-speed semi-automatic transmission. The logistics behind this road trip must have been pretty intense, but the resulting content is some of the best we’ll ever see starring a real F1 car in strange places. 

Take a look at the YouTube video that depicts the most fun anyone has ever had in a Formula 1 car as we get to see the Oracle Red Bull Racing reserve driver put the RB7 F1 car through it's paces in the hot and dusty Australian outback: F1 Car vs Outback | Daniel Ricciardo's Great Aussie Road Trip | Oracle Red Bull Racing

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