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If you’re lucky enough to be able to get to Italy for whetever reason, there’s loads of cool touristy things to do, especilly if you’re a fan of fast cars and bikes. I guess that makes sense in a country resposible for some of the coolest supercars and superbikes we’ve ever seen. In this case, things are looking really good for fans of Ducati and Lamborghini thanks to a pretty cool revamp of the Borgo Panigale Experience that now offers an amazing Ducati and Automobili Lamborghini Museum Experience that will run until the 7th of May this year. The Ducati Borgo Panigale Experience is also in play and both of these afford enthusiasts the chance to discover the rich history and passion of the iconic Italian brands. The experience takes visitors on an amazing visual journey through the Ducati brand's 90-year history, giving them the opportunity to witness the production process first-hand and explore the renowned Ducati Museum. The Borgo Panigale Experience has been updated with a bunch of new activities, new tour methods, partnerships, and now includes a collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini. The two Italian Motor Valley giants have merged to offer visitors an unforgettable “Ducati Museum and Automobili Lamborghini Museum Experience”.

This tailor-made package allows Italian automotive fanatics to tour both museums in just one day, with reduced admission prices for two tickets and a free shuttle bus service that ensures a rapid, direct transfer between Borgo Panigale and Sant'Agata Bolognese where these museums are located. You’ll have to spend your weekday free time doing boring things like work or exploring local Italian beers because this collaborative experience is only available Saturdays and Sundays and can only accomodate a maximum of 15 people per group. Luckily if your Italian only extends to naming famour cars and models, these guided tours will be available in both Italian and English on alternating weekends - make sure to book with the right tour group or… non ti divertirai così. As you’d expect, booking is mandatory for these tours, not just for the language thing, but also to take advantage of the reduced rates and shuttle bus service. Booking for this tour can be done either through the official Lamborghini website or the Ducati website. There’s a bit more information on these tours available at the respective websites, so make sure to click through and read all the Ts&Cs. If you’re among those lucky enough to attend, get some cool snaps and vids and let us see so we can live vicariously through you as we imagine our Rand geting strong enough so we can also visit in person one day without haveing to sell a kidney, the house and all our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figurines.

Take a look at the YouTube video from Ciao Rambler taken during a visit a year back to the amazing space where this latest display of the most amazing Italian machinery is on show for all to drool over, and with the displays being updated for the next opening of the museum it will be even better now and should 100 % be a stop on anyone's Italian tour, no matter if they're into cars and bikes or not : DUCATI HEADQUARTERS FACTORY SHOP | VIRTUAL TOUR | BORGO PANIGALE | BOLOGNA | ITALY | Ciao Rambler

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